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3 Takeaways From Tsp’s Cut the Noise Av Conference Solutions Event

3 Takeaways From Tsp’s Cut the Noise Av Conference Solutions Event

Conference room AV integration technology helps you engage with employees and clients and provide them with exceptional experiences — that is, if you have the right conference room technology in place.

Businesses sometimes choose fast and convenient AV integration technology that ultimately clutters up a workspace. Or, they select affordable conference room technology that is bulky, difficult to use, and frustrates employees and clients. In these scenarios, conference room technology hampers your business, and the invisible “noise” it creates can prevent your company from achieving its goals.

At TSP, we’re here to cut the noise surrounding conference room technology, and we provide conference room AV solutions that move businesses forward. Our AV integration solutions combine usability and reliability to ensure clear communication with your employees and clients around the world. Plus, we tailor each conference room design to your business, so you can bring your ideal workspace to life.

We’re all about educating businesses about AV integration, too. In fact, we recently hosted our “Cut the Noise” event to demonstrate the latest conference room technology — here are three takeaways from the event.

1. Biophilic Design Brings a Touch of Nature into the Conference Room

Biophilic Design

One of the hottest trends for 2019 in meeting and office spaces is biophilic design, aka “the architecture of life.” Biophilic design involves the use of natural elements in conference rooms and workspaces; for instance, some offices use plants and other natural elements to transform what are normally cold, sterile work environments into vibrant workspaces. The result: employees feel more comfortable and happier than ever before, leading to increased workplace productivity, creativity, and efficiency.

OK, full disclosure: TSP is a managed IT service provider, and we’re not into botany (yet). However, we’re big into biology, and we want to learn as much as possible about how humans connect with and react to meeting spaces. Therefore, with the rapid increase in remote and flexible working, we spend a lot of time in conference rooms and huddle spaces.

When it comes to technology in physical spaces, it’s a common mistake to focus exclusively on function and technology. But if your home or workspace is full of technology, you likely understand how the design of your space can affect your productivity (or lack thereof).

Streamline Your Work Environment

Let’s face it — small frustrations add up, especially if you’re dealing with technology clutter at home or work. From having to crawl under a desk to find a power socket for your laptop to having to strain to hear the person on the other end of a call due to background noise, it’s virtually impossible to get the best results in a cluttered work environment. Fortunately, with TSP at your side, you can integrate the AV technology you need into your home or office workspace, without having to clutter up your space.

When it comes to conference room and workspace design, look for biophilic design to generate interest in the years to come. Meanwhile, our team prioritizes our clientele, and we’re happy to work with you to design and deliver a conference room and workspace that suits you perfectly.

2. The AV Integration of Tomorrow Is Available — Today

Several vendors showcased their conference room technologies at Cut the Noise, including:


Boston-based ERDL provides custom furniture that ensures you won’t have to sacrifice function for style. The company showcased its custom furniture with built-in technology at Cut the Noise. And if you visited our conference room, you may have noticed a sleek, elegant table that features built-in power sockets, USB charging, and HDMI and Ethernet ports — all of which are hidden under easy-to-access panels — from ERDL, too.ERDL AV integrated custom furniture

Amina Technologies

Amina Technologies is a leading provider of invisible speakers, and its speakers were on display at Cut the Noise (even if you couldn’t see them). Amina’s panels are engineered to be plastered and painted into a wall or ceiling, so that they disappear completely from view. At the same time, the panels provide unrivaled sound quality and clear, evenly distributed audio.Amina Invisible speakers AV integration


Artnovion engineers acoustic performance solutions for commercial and residential settings. The company showcased its latest wall treatments at Cut the Noise; these wall treatments feature multicolored patterns and can be stuck to a wall to create dazzling visual textures. Artnovion’s wall treatments also dampen echoes and noise in a room.

We want to thank ERDL, Amina, and Artnovion for attending Cut the Noise and showcasing their conference room AV integration technologies. We’re excited to work with these companies to provide our clients with the best conference room designs going forward.

Artnovion acoustic performance solutions

3. AV Integration Innovation Reigns Supreme

In addition to conference room technologies from ERDL, Amina, and Artnovion, lots of other innovative AV integration solutions were on display at Cut the Noise, such as:

  • Joan, a 6″ wireless meeting room touch screen
  • LG monitors that deliver crisp, clear images
  • Shure ceiling microphones that simultaneously pick up audio throughout a room without disrupting a person’s ability to speak and hear naturally
  • Tiny Panacast 4K cameras that capture every detail

We also showcased our RingCentral Rooms, which simplify video conferencing setup and in-room use. RingCentral Rooms enable you to set up a video conference with the push of a button. In doing so, they make it easy to launch a video conference from anywhere, at any time.

The Bottom Line on Cut the Noise

All in all, Cut the Noise showed that TSP continues to be an innovator in Smart Spaces through our use of the latest products from trusted vendors in luxury smart homes, corporate theatre spaces, and challenging conference rooms. Cut the Noise attendees included staff from Harvard University, interior design studio professionals, and local architects, all of whom had the opportunity to learn how conference room technologies can revolutionize modern workspaces.

Cut the Noise was a valuable learning experience for us, too. At TSP, we’re always learning, because we want to provide conference room technologies and other solutions to accommodate your business needs. So, expect more of the same going forward, and we’ll continue to learn as much as possible so we can best serve you. To read a bit more about video conferencing platforms, why not check out this blog post. Furthermore, if you want to see some of our completed conference rooms check out these case studies: Accel and ERI Investments.

Of course, if you’re on the lookout for conference room technology, we’re here to assist you in any way we can. Our team includes friendly, knowledgeable AV integration experts who can respond to your concerns and questions. We’ll even meet with you to discuss your needs and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with us, please email us at business@tsp.me or call us at 617-267-9716.

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