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Are These 5 AV Mistakes Hobbling Your Meeting Room Experience?

Are These 5 AV Mistakes Hobbling Your Meeting Room Experience?

You’ve probably never attended a VC pitch at Accel, a board meeting at the Celtics, or an investor briefing at Equity Resources, so you don’t know how well their meeting room AV works. We do, because we designed them. If you want a conference room AV system that outclasses the competition, avoid these five conference-killing mistakes.

1. Incompatible Software

Simply putting a computer into a meeting room seems like a good idea. It’s not. You need a conferencing platform designed to share content, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to manage meetings. Consider Zoom, Skype, or RingCentral.

2. Missing DSP

A digital signal processor takes your room to the next level. Only DSP-processed sound gets your meetings to sound and feel natural because the processors balance the volume and tonality of everyone participating, wherever they’re sitting.

3. Low-cost Microphones

Your deck doesn’t matter if people can’t hear your message. Phased array and beam tracking mics bring sci-fi into the real world. Work with a sound and design specialist to figure out the best mics to enhance voices while removing noise.

4. Neglected Acoustics

Every AV expert knows that no amount of technology can make up for poor room acoustics. Room acoustics and external noise have to be considered even before your tech is selected. Bring in an expert to learn more about how your room’s shape and construction will affect sound quality, and what options can help.

5. Wrong Camera

Today’s best conferencing video cameras are not just about resolution. Match your camera’s field of view with your room’s shape and orientation. If you have a long and narrow space, you’ll need a different camera than what you’d use for a room that’s short or square.

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