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Mics, Camera, Action! AV Upgrades at TSP, LLC

Mics, Camera, Action! AV Upgrades at TSP, LLC

What’s it like when a company that specializes in meeting room AV system installation has itself for a client? Like a carpenter with a squeaky door, we never put our own office technology at the top of our list—our clients always came first. But last year, two forces changed our priorities.

First, we found that like any growing innovative company, we were using remote technology a lot. We found that at least one or two meetings a day had critical people who weren’t in the office. Second, we decided to add recurrent in-house events to our calendar.

Meeting Room AV System Showroom

Often, client meetings are remote via video conference—putting our AV function front and center. But we found that our clients, prospects, or vendors were seeing our office more and more each month. Our plan to host more open houses meant more demos, more often, for more people.

In designing for work and also for show, Michael Oh, Founder, and TSP’s Director of Smart Spaces, Aaron Stallings, continued the “next right thing” project strategy. When Shure came out with their new MXA series of microphones, TSP took the opportunity to finish its larger conference room. We installed the Shure’s flagship MXA910 ceiling array microphone. Furthermore, we replaced a ceiling tile with the unique 128-element design that can pick up audio from anywhere in the room. We then added the Biamp TesiraForte DSP to process and tune the audio to the room. When combining this with the existing B&O BeoVision 14 TV and BeoLab 18 speakers, it delivered the ultimate audio and video experience.

Details of TSPs meeting room av system

When Less Is More

For conferences with only a few people, our smaller huddle space, creates a more intimate video experience. A Panacast camera with a wider angle captures folks in a short room in a more natural way. This keeps the meeting itself more natural, too. Combined with the Biamp Devio, Artison soundbar, and RingCentral Rooms, this room has great audio and is perfect for content sharing as well.

Having two meeting rooms showcasing different systems lets TSP provide more useful and comprehensive demos. Not only of how each space works, but also of how the spaces and integration work together. For SMB prospects, or organizations with multiple locations, these events show how the right AV solutions can be game changers for remote collaboration.

TSPs conference Room AV system

Design and Engineering Workshop

Using our own space as a project also gives TSP an opportunity we wouldn’t find with any other client: freedom to experiment. Even with all of the recent upgrades, we have plans to integrate the new Savant AV over IP platform with video tiling. Installing new technology with existing systems gives the team a chance to find (and resolve) problems that might arise when integrating new technology with client projects.

Evolving technology require ongoing practice and experimentation–even for experienced techs. By testing products and solutions in-house before proposing anything untried to a client, TSP has that much more insight in designing new projects and in giving feedback to its partners. That insight is what allows us to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

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