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Watchman Monitoring: A Keystone in Our It Support Software

Watchman Monitoring: A Keystone in Our It Support Software

Working in the Background to Keep Your Computer Efficient

Running in the background of every TSP-monitored computer is a program called Watchman Monitoring. Initially created as MacOS monitoring software, Watchman Monitoring has evolved over the years to support Windows and then Linux. It is a keystone in our support software stack, providing visibility into our clients’ computers’’ hardware and software. This allows us to see when problems arise and fix these issues as they occur. 

Utilizing Watchman Monitoring, we know when there’s a problem with a client’s machine before they do, enabling us to be proactive in our support solutions. “Watchman Monitoring allows us to manage and monitor user machines. It enables us to be aware and react to situations before a user even knows there’s a problem. We’re not waiting for them to come to us with problems. We’re going to them with the solutions for the problems they didn’t know they had,” remarks Jason Ross, Senior Engineer at TSP IT Services. 

With Watchman Monitoring on all our customers’ computers, we can see everything we need to know. This helps to prevent issues and keep our clients running as efficiently as possible. How is the hard drive operating? Is there a piece of malicious code on the computer? Did the user download a potentially vulnerable piece of software? These questions and more are answered all through this one piece of essential software. Watchman Monitoring looks out for failing laptop batteries, kernel panics, faulty RAM, and other usually-unnoticed issues. This allows the user to focus on using their computer rather than worrying about its performance.

“We’re not waiting for them to come to us with problems. We’re going to them with the solutions for the problems they didn’t know they had” – Jason Ross, Senior Engineer at TSP IT Services.

Watchman Monitoring Support Software Example on Laptop

How Watchman Saves Time and Money

One of the strongest features of Watchman Monitoring is how little maintenance the software requires after deployment. Once we install the software and set the parameters (unique to every user’s machine and individual needs), the time spent monitoring by our support staff is minimal. “Once we figure out the back-end settings of a user’s machine, we deploy the software, and it just runs. We don’t need to jump in and maintain it at all,” says Jason. The ability to “set and forget,” coupled with their ability to integrate with our ConnectWise ticketing system, creates an incredibly efficient monitoring system solution. 

Watchman Monitoring’s integration with ConnectWise goes far beyond just generating support tickets automatically whenever an issue is detected. Watchman Monitoring seamlessly communicates with ConnectWise to modify and change ticket statuses without the need for manual intervention. Keeping both systems in sync saves TSP engineers time, allowing them to focus on more critical issues.

An Enduring Commitment to the Community

What keeps Watchman ahead of the competition is their commitment to the IT support community. Their CEO and founder, Allen Hancock, holds an active role in a MacAdmin online community and maintains a dedicated Watchman section within that community. By keeping an active presence in this channel, directly responding to comments and questions, and hosting webinars, Allen stays in front of the community’s needs. Every level of the Watchman organization mirrors this involvement. The entire company focuses on listening to community members and developing new features based on their needs. Feature requests from the community are usually produced in conjunction with the community and are often released as soon as months after the initial idea.

TSP IT Services has been partnering with Watchman Monitoring since 2012 to provide end-users with monitoring solutions. Watchman’s software features, both old and new, and its commitment to development with the IT admin community have made them a trusted partner and essential piece of technology deployed in all of the devices we monitor. 

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