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Celtics’ Auerbach Center: An Insider’s Tour

Celtics’ Auerbach Center: An Insider’s Tour

In July 2018, the Boston Celtics opened the new Auerbach Practice Center to help their team bring home its 18th championship banner. TSP worked with the Celtics to design and implement the core network for this multimillion dollar facility. Just a month after the facility opened, we were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the unique complex.

A Network That Never Rests

TSP’s task was to help design and execute a robust network capable of moving all the data used by players, coaches, and the press. In today’s world, that means managing bandwidth for high definition video footage, voice-over-IP phone calls, and hundreds of laptops and mobile devices. We helped select the right Cisco Meraki devices—firewalls, switches, and wireless access points—to deliver this experience from the cloud down to people’s fingertips.

Unique Workflows

Of course, for a network of this significance, you might imagine that everyone gets in a room to sit down and decide each detail. The reality is much more fluid. With an entire complex to build, the Celtics project team was stretched in multiple directions. Using technology that allowed for asynchronous cloud-based workflows, like Lucidchart and Google Sheets, their team and ours were able to collaborate both in real time and when time allowed. RingCentral Rooms video conferencing (based on Zoom Rooms) was also used to get the teams together – allowing TSP project managers and engineers in Boston and London to collaborate on the project across time zones.

Great Outcomes

The end result? A network infrastructure truly deserving of a great team. Meraki switches coordinate terabytes of data over fibre throughout the building, with over 40 wireless access points covering everywhere from the practice courts to the player’s lounge. Every detail was considered by TSP and Celtics staff. From wiring runs to triple failover scenarios, we worked together to create a network that is truly worthy of champions.