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What Is Jumpcloud and Why Is It Crucial to My Digital Security?

What Is Jumpcloud and Why Is It Crucial to My Digital Security?

For our clients that are very cybersecurity conscious or focused on business continuity, JumpCloud is perhaps the most critical software piece in our support stack. JumpCloud provides us with a cloud platform that unifies identities and devices. It also lets us rapidly respond to incidents, onboard and offboard employees, and implement password management policies with ease. For our clients, this means heightened security while spending less time managing identities across many disparate systems. To a non-technical user, JumpCloud may look like a password manager initially. But JumpCloud provides far more than just password management. Whereas personally owned accounts are meant for password management software, institutionally owned accounts such as VPN credentials and device identity are geared for JumpCloud.

JumpCloud vs Password Manager

Why do we need JumpCloud?

In the past, IT teams and MSPs utilized physical servers to host their Active Directory or Open Directory identity stores. The problem with using physical servers is if the internet cuts out at your headquarters, you lose the ability to manage these directories. When we run through a business continuity or disaster recovery plan, we’re always looking to eliminate single failure points. Enter JumpCloud. JumpCloud puts the identity store in the cloud. This allows us to point all our various systems into this one cloud-based system. 

Rapid Response to Incidents

“In incident recovery, success is measured in minutes. Not hours or days. JumpCloud is how we get our responses down to minutes.” – Adam Fisk, Director of IT Services.

When responding to security incidents, speed is vital in mitigating damages. JumpCloud is the key to our quick responses and heightened security. By utilizing single sign-on, JumpCloud password acts as the source of truth for all passwords. 

If an employee falls for a deceiving phishing scam, we can reset their password quickly in JumpCloud. This resets everything downstream immediately. By resetting all passwords immediately, we can prevent hackers or malicious software from using the stolen password to access other systems such as VPN credentials, server information, or the employee’s device itself. 

Should an employee be caught stealing data or leaving on untrustworthy terms, JumpCloud is the first layer in our defenses. We can shut off their access to all or as many company-related accounts as possible. This restricts access to email, company wifi, and other sensitive information for an employee, putting this information at risk.

JumpCloud onboarding
Onboarding new employees utilizing JumpCloud

Password Management

An essential part of digital security and the protection of sensitive data is implementing password management policies. These policies require employees to regularly update their passwords annually or bi-annually. For our most security-focused clients in fields where information needs to be very secure such as Healthcare and Law, this should be done monthly. By utilizing JumpCloud, we can remind clients and their employees of upcoming password updates. This lets them update their passwords without direct involvement. 

By updating their password in JumpCloud, they automatically update all of their passwords on their institutionally-owned accounts. This helps to maintain a sense of privacy for employees and saves both the client and us a lot of time. Before cloud-based identity management, we would have to sit down with every employee for 15 minutes to figure out a new password that meets the requirements. Then we need to change that password in six or more disparate systems while ensuring the password is correctly entered on each one. 

Ease of Onboarding/Offboarding

JumpCloud allows us to more efficiently onboard/offboard employees as well. When a new employee is starting for one of our clients, we create their JumpCloud account, and then JumpCloud goes and creates all the other systems that are connected to it, from email and VPN credentials to their computer identity itself. Each client has unique systems and products they use. By utilizing a cloud-based directory, we can easily create individualized workflows for each. This allows for efficient and quick employee onboarding. This speeds up the process on our end and gives new employees a seamless experience on their first day with a device that is already set up and ready for them.

“JumpCloud allows us to have a single source of truth so that we can easily onboard or offboard an employee, or rapidly respond in a situation or incident.” – Adam Fisk

Ready to take the next steps?

Are you ready to bring your organization’s digital security to the next level? Sign up for a free tech audit and learn how we can help you better protect your business from cybersecurity threats and malicious software. 

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