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Entrepreneurship in an Evolving World

Entrepreneurship in an Evolving World

This article on entrepreneurship was developed from the discussion on the Richardson Media Group BSuite Podcast between Anne Richardson and Michael Oh, Founder and Principal of TSP IT Services.

A Brief History of TSP

Michael Oh was a freshman at MIT studying aerospace engineering when he began his entrepreneurship journey. He founded Tech Superpowers in 1992, the first iteration of TSP. The name was inspired by a magazine Michael had read referring to two recently released Apple computers as “superpowers.” Fascinated by computers having grown up during the beginning of the personal computer tech revolution, he worked at a computer shop in the summers as a teenager. What started as a side venture while in school quickly blossomed into a formidable IT company in Boston that focused on fostering efficiency in both home and business environments. 

Though TSP has grown and changed over the years (especially with the creation of TSP Smart Spaces, a TSP venture with a focus on smart home automation and conference room AV), one thing has stayed the same. TSP’s commitment to providing exceptional business IT support services and solutions throughout the greater Boston area. 

Today, TSP operates as three distinct entities: TSP IT Services, TSP Smart Spaces, and Nordic Smart Spaces. Each of these entities features distinct products and services and serves vastly different clientele. What they have in common though, is their commitment to personalized service and a passion for delivering exceptional results.

Poised to Thrive in Today’s Climate

Thirteen years ago, Michael began to split his time between the UK and Boston to be closer to family. This move brought on unique challenges for TSP. At the time, the tools for working virtually were nonexistent, and it took time for Michael to find the proper way to run a company without being physically present. Through years of trial, error, and eventually success, TSP had been fine-tuned to the intricacies of how to thrive as a business when team members are physically distant, and Michael found thee right formula. 

By learning how to operate in this way early, TSP was poised and ready for the shift in the workplace environment brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. “It’s always a difficult internal struggle to find a silver lining during the pandemic when people are clearly suffering or unemployed. But TSP has found ourselves well-positioned during Covid-19 to assist businesses and help them thrive in a world where remote working has become more normalized,” says Michael. 

Covid-19 shifted the cultural assumptions for how businesses should run and presented an opportunity to work remotely without being at a disadvantage in your industry. While many industries weren’t as lucky, this cultural shift created a level playing field in the IT industry, regardless of physical location.

Integrating Personal and Business Conversations in the Workplace

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the issues of racial inequality in America, and more, the topics of this year have blended personal and business conversations in ways Michael hasn’t seen in his 28 years of entrepreneurship. The pandemic has created a level of empathy and understanding between businesses and employees that goes beyond efficiency and productivity. The same thing is happening with the conversation about race and racial inequality. 

When many of these issues were brought to the forefront this year, businesses struggled to engage in that conversation. Especially difficult was to engage in a meaningful way, whether internally or externally. TSP decided that by starting the conversation internally. They were able to focus on amplifying voices and resources from within the company so that all employees were able to become more educated and were exposed to a wider, more diverse range of people and ideas. 

“It’s unnatural in a business setting to sit back and admit you don’t have all the answers and just listen. We’re so used to being expected to have an answer or something to say at work. It’s difficult not to interject your ideas into the conversation” says Michael. “The conversations that we will continue to have about what’s next for the business will incorporate a lot more about what matters to people on a personal level.”

Leadership Success as an Entrepreneur

From all of the above, as well as his experience raising twins, that Michael has honed his leadership skills over 28 years as an entrepreneur in the industry. He has found that the key to developing a good culture within the business is to figure out a way that the company values change and evolve as the team grows so they represent the values personally of everybody. This becomes crucial, but even more challenging, the larger and more diverse your workforce becomes. 

“The myth of the entrepreneur is that there’s one person at the top. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who stick with it and have a solid support system guiding them in the right direction.” – Michael Oh

By curating a working environment where his employee’s skills are nurtured and the ideas of team members are valued, Michael has built a team that has found success. 

Interested in bringing the values of TSP IT Services to your company? Meet more of the TSP IT Services team and see our experience and expertise for yourself.

Want to learn more about Michael Oh and his experiences in entrepreneurship? Check out the two-part series on Richardson Media Group’s BSuite podcast.

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