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TSP is now HTA Certified

TSP is now HTA Certified

TSP has been sending our expert engineers to homes for over 25 years. We’re proud to call ourselves HTA certified by the Home Technology Association. This is based on the organization’s comprehensive evaluation placing us in the top 10% of home automation providers.

Obtaining the HTA certification was a rigorous process lasting several months, but it’s worth it. It is an industry that is still growing and relatively unknown to many. Homeowners, contractors, and architects want to trust that they’re investing in experts with an established reputation for excellence. The endorsements of our peers and the professionals we rely on for every project tell us, and our clients, that we’re doing it right.

“Because we place such high value on our customers and the solutions we create for them, applying for HTA certification was well worth the effort.” Aaron Stallings, TSP’s Head of Design, explained. “The HTA was endorsed by some of our most trusted peers. We’re proud to be recognized by an organization associated with excellence across the industry.”

Our classification as an Estate-tier provider highlights our experience in luxury homes and commercial spaces. This includes networking multiple residences, installing home theaters, and managing complex and large-scale technology projects and relationships.

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