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Boston Celtics Gets an IT Infrastructure Upgrade

The Boston Celtics have been a valued TSP client since 2001, and we have provided the organization with a wide range of technical support services, from the installation of conference room AV to upgrading the WiFi at Celtics HQ, located next to the Boston Garden. In 2018, the Celtics asked us to take on the core network design of the team’s new Auerbach Center Practice Facility in Allston, providing a complete IT infrastructure upgrade.

Bringing Simplicity to a Complex Process

A key challenge our team faced was how best to design a reliable and efficient core network. It needed to be capable of handling over 42TB of data in any given week – including real-time video and audio for players, coaches, staff, and press.

To address these concerns, we compiled a detailed list of products and constructed an overall network design and architecture. With the client, we selected Meraki access points, switches, and firewalls. We also tested both painted and vinyl-wrapped access points to determine which method provided the best synthesis of the wireless signal and aesthetic alignment.

On Time and Under Budget

Our team created a “virtual” network design entirely on paper and configured the Meraki systems before they were even delivered. This allowed for a completely “engineer-free” installation process. The Celtics in-house IT staff could install equipment using detailed plans we developed, with configurations downloaded from the cloud as soon as the devices were powered up. And the Meraki dashboard allowed us to remotely monitor and troubleshoot installation issues the Celtics IT staff encountered.

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Client Name
Boston Celtics

Project Type

Key services provided
Core network design


  • Meraki MR-series access points
  • All-fibre backbone
  • Meraki MS-series managed switches
  • Meraki MX-series firewalls
  • Separated A/V network from data networks
  • Cloud-based monitoring and analytics through Meraki’s dashboard

A Collaborative Approach. A Winning Solution.

The Auerbach project allowed us to bring our working relationship with the Celtics to a whole new level. It demonstrated the value of close client collaboration. We used cloud-based software like Google Sheets, RingCentral Meetings, and LucidChart. As a result, we could work with Celtics staff on design changes between face-to-face sessions in real-time. Remote document sharing ensured that our two teams stayed in sync through the entire process and resulted in a productive, congenial, and highly successful finished product.

For a big press event, the Celtics were able to open the practice center with a fully functioning network, even while other physical elements were still being installed. Thanks to our careful planning and digital collaboration with the client team, we completed the IT infrastructure upgrade with significant savings in both cost and labor.

  1. Core network design of the new Auerbach Practice Center
  2. Meraki access points, switches, and firewalls
  3. All-fiber backbone

We used cloud-based software like Google Sheets, RingCentral Meetings, and LucidChart. As a result, we could work with Celtics staff on design changes in real time, between face-to-face sessions.