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TSP Simplifies IT Relocation for Boston-Based Law Firm

Nolan Sheehan Patten (NSP), a Boston-based law firm that specializes in affordable housing and community development, moved into a new office space in 2019. TSP handled all aspects of NSP’s IT relocation, limiting IT interruptions during the office relocation and optimizing the law firm’s IT networks, servers, and systems.

When Downtime is Not an Option

Reliable IT infrastructure is crucial to NSP. NSP is a Boston-based law firm that employs affordable housing and community development attorneys who bring the knowledge and skills of “big firm lawyers” to a boutique law firm setting. The team includes 10 attorneys, a paralegal, and two support staff members who provide strategic and technical advice to clients. They have expertise in public and private financing sources and structures, including federal and state low-income housing tax credits, historic rehabilitation, and new markets tax credits.

A Complicated Move

In 2019, NSP planned to move to a new office on Boston’s historic State Street, with the relocation to be completed in mid-to-late August. NSP’s new office would play a key role in the law firm’s mission to deliver high-quality legal services to its clients.

To support its mission, NSP needed to relocate its IT infrastructure and deploy appropriate infrastructure to accommodate its new office space. The law firm also needed to pack its existing network stack and file server and rebuild them in its new office, all without disrupting its staff and clients.

Client Name
Nolan Sheehan Patten (NSP)

Project Type
IT Services – Office Relocation

Key services provided
Planning, Infrastructure Upgrades, Physical Move, and Support


  • Comprehensive planning for relocation
  • Installation of new network cabinet and associated appliances
  • File server updates
  • Up and running on day one
  • Delivered under budget
  • Worked closely with NSP to meet the IT relocation timeline

Our IT Relocation Roadmap

NSP notified TSP about their office move plans in May of 2020. We started working on an IT relocation roadmap right away. We developed a roadmap designed to help NSP minimize IT downtime. This ensured that their IT infrastructure was operational as soon as they moved into their new office. We also oversaw the coordination of weekly conference calls between NSP and the architects, electricians, and other team members who would be involved in their move. These calls allowed us to learn about NSP’s IT requirements and relocation goals. The calls enabled the team to ask us questions and receive insights into current and future IT services and solutions.

A Partnership Built on Trust

The partnership between NSP and TSP was built on a foundation of communication and collaboration. As a result, both parties worked to achieve a common goal: to ensure that NSP could seamlessly relocate its IT to its new office. Together, NSP and TSP developed and implemented a three-phase IT relocation roadmap.

During the first phase, we used NSP’s State Street office floor plans and on-site surveys to provide network wiring, hardware, wireless infrastructure, and other IT system recommendations. Using these plans, we then installed a new network cabinet and associated appliances in preparation for the move. Finally, we established a moving timeline, packed the law firm’s existing network stack and file server, and set up its IT in the new office.

  1. Limited IT interruptions during the moving process
  2. Optimized the law firm’s IT networks, servers, and systems
  3. PackED existing network stack and file server and rebuilt them in the new office

Our clients love us, and we love them back!

  • ""The TSP team was extraordinary! It was great having TSP help us through the moving process on the tech side of things and ensure that our server and email access transitioned seamlessly, which was the most critical aspect of the move for our business. Thank you to the whole TSP team for an exceptional job!""

    Brian Patten, Partner, NSP

  • ""Our firm started with Macs as our technology base and was looking for someone with expertise to help us manage it. The services that TSP provide mesh perfectly because they're available and responsive. We can just pick up the phone and get a response in short order. So much is resolved via phone, email, or text that it's almost like having someone in-house.""

    Brian Patten

Organizations can install IT systems in a new office before moving day arrives or outside of traditional business hours, resulting in less downtime and potential cost savings.

Good Communication is Key

Throughout NSP’s move, TSP provided IT design, procurement, project execution, and project management support. At the beginning of the move, we helped NSP determine the exact servers, networks, and hardware it required. This was a crucial step to implement a fast and secure IT infrastructure in its new office. Furthermore, we developed an IT relocation plan, reviewed it with the team at NSP, and helped the law firm prep for moving day.

Even a single miscommunication can cause major IT problems in the days and weeks following a move, so we frequently communicated with NSP to eliminate potential IT issues. We also ordered IT infrastructure components and installed them in the new office, ensuring the law firm’s IT was good to go as soon as moving day arrived.

A Successful Move

Our efforts paid off, as NSP moved to its new office space on Aug. 15, 2019, and the law firm’s IT performed as expected on day one at its new office. Along with IT relocation services, we provided NSP with office video conferencing solution recommendations. These help NSP maintain crystal-clear communication with clients and employees around the world.

An Evolving Partnership

The partnership between TSP and NSP continues to evolve. Today, we provide ongoing IT services and support to NSP. A TSP technician visits the law firm’s office once a month to review its IT inventory, address any IT concerns or issues, and keep its IT performing at top levels.

Moving can be a long, stressful process, and IT relocation sometimes leads to downtime, outages, and other problems. Yet, IT relocation also provides opportunities to implement networking hardware and other large IT system upgrades.

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