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Conference room A/V

    ERI AV Conference Room Case Study    

 Maximum Minimalism 

Project Specifics

  • Two LG 86” commercial displays

  • RingCentral Rooms (powered by Zoom)

  • Two Shure Microphones  each with 128 microphone elements

  • A TesiraFORTÉ w/ Dante DSP

  • Tom Dixon - Lights

  • Savant intuitive control system

  • 8 Proficient Audio in-ceiling speakers

Equity Resources Investments (ERI) is a long-standing client of TSP’s IT services. The company came to us with a new challenge: Update the video capabilities of its newly expanded conference room.

Thanks to our long and successful partnership with ERI over the last two decades, the company felt comfortable empowering us to lead every aspect of the project. Our work encompassed planning, design, procurement, and installation, as well as post-installation testing, fine tuning, and developing documentation. 

Two Shure Microphones MXA910
Savant intuitive control system
Two LG 86” commercial displays


Maximum minimalism


A handful of factors informed our approach. First and foremost, the client requested a minimal design for the conference room so that it aligned with the aesthetic of the office, which required us to think carefully about how best to disguise some of the new system’s technological components. 

Another piece of the puzzle involved delivery. The sheer dimensions of the new 23’ conference room table and 86” LG Digital Signage displays made conventional delivery nearly impossible, especially within the tight architectural confines of Harvard Square.

Finally, once all of the pieces were in place, we’d need to run extensive testing, fine-tune the system to optimize results for the room’s new dimensions, and develop documentation and tutorials to ensure ease of use.  

Through the window, to the wall

As always, proactive communication with the client was an essential part of our approach. Decisions around design and hardware were made collaboratively between our experienced team members and client-side architects. 

To accommodate ERI’s minimal aesthetic, we steered clear of the bulky cable trough often found with these types of installations, instead working hand-in-hand with Icelandic carpenters to custom-design a sleek pop-up system in the table itself. The pop-ups provide power, USB charging, data, and even supplementary video services for presentation, while hidden Shure microphones provide crystal-clear audio input throughout the space. 

And when it came to addressing our delivery challenges, outside-the-box thinking yielded an outside-the-building solution: a crane delivered the displays and the table through the building’s fourth floor balcony. 

Design and logistical hurdles bypassed, we turned to the practical and entered the fine-tuning phase. The length of the table and the conference room’s glass walls meant that certain elements of the new system—such as the Dante DSP and Shure microphones—required extra calibration. In the end, each microphone lobe was strategically positioned to ensure optimal audio coverage and capture voices from any seat around the table.

As always, proactive communication with the client was an essential part of our approach. Decisions around design and hardware were informed by samples, mockups and performance demos.

Putting it all on the table


The completed conference room is a sleek synthesis of style, function, and efficiency. Thanks to Zoom-powered RingCentral Rooms, meetings and calls are conducted with the press of a button via a no-hassle, all-in-one iPad interface. Shure microphones provide maximum coverage and audio input while maintaining the room’s crisp and minimal aesthetic. Best of all, the new system ensures that the ERI team and their global network of clients and partners has a literal and proverbial seat at their beautiful new conference table—in person, or from any corner of the world.  



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