Iceland's "Diamond in the Sky"

Last year, TSP partnered with Savant and Lutron to create the ultimate Icelandic home automation experience, in the highest residential apartment in the country.

In an article titled, "Capital Throne," the Icelandic Magazine Hús Og Híbýli (House and Home) just declared this stunning project the "Best Apartment in Iceland," and we like to think that we had something to do with that distinction.

Just in case your Icelandic is rusty, here's a translated quote from the article:

This is probably the most technical apartment in Iceland, integrated with an American home automation system called Savant Systems, the best available in this sector. With this powerful home automation system, the lighting, curtains, webcams, radio, fireplaces and HVAC services are all managed, just to name a few. There is air conditioning in the apartment and heated floors, but in such a technical apartment it is also possible to cool the floors when the sun shines through the large windows.  Small sensors in the walls sense the temperature, but they are hardly visible, they are so small.  It was electrical contractor Gaflarar and American technology integrators TSP who were responsible for setting up this perfect home automation system that is a dream to operate.

It should be noted that when Björn left the apartment just had to press a single key – all the shades closed, all of the lights went off, as did the fire in the fireplace. No risk of forgetting something running with the most advanced home automation available.