Outsourced IT Support for Architects and Designers

Want superior IT services and solutions for your architectural or design firm? IT empowers architects and designers to use Autodesk and other CAD software to produce high-quality, accurate models and designs. Yet managing project data is sometimes challenging, particularly for architectural and design firms that hire remote talent. In addition, securing project data can be difficult if architects and designers operate in Google, Amazon, and Microsoft cloud environments.

At TSP, we provide IT for architects and IT for designers, and our IT services and solutions deliver maximum reliability and speed. We partner with architectural and design firms of all sizes to help them store and manage project data from any location, at any time — without having to worry about cyber attacks or data breaches.

Get Maximum Reliability, Speed, and Security

Our IT for architects includes cyber security, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud migration offerings, all of which are tailored to an architectural firm’s needs. If an architectural firm requires IT services and solutions to safeguard project data against cybercriminals, we provide a wide range of cyber security services and solutions. Or, if an architectural firm needs to move project data into the cloud, we offer cloud migration guidance and support.

Meanwhile, our IT for designers provides design firms with immediate IT upgrades. Our IT offerings ensure designers can share project data with one another — securely, confidently, and easily. And like our IT for architects, our IT for designers is customized to a design firm’s requirements. That way, a design firm can choose the IT services and solutions it needs, implement them seamlessly, and have them managed by our friendly, knowledgeable team.


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Our clients love us, and we love them back!

  • "TSP helped us move through all kinds of technology shifts over the years. They are friendly and flexible - we have great partnership!"

    Partner, Boston Design Firm

  • "We’ve been working with TSP for 22 years and not only can we count on them to help us with our technology as it changes, but we appreciate the camaraderie, strategic advice, and brainstorming."

    Karen S., Partner, Kor Group

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    Exceeding Expectations

    Find out how TSP helps NBTS connect its local and remote workers in their quest to cure brain tumors.

  • A Slam-Dunk Design

    A Slam-Dunk Design

    Discover how TSP has helped the Boston Celtics, one of the most successful franchises in the NBA, upgrade its IT.

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