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IT Disaster Recovery

IT Data Recovery and Business Continuity Services

Is your business ready for a natural disaster, cyber attack, or power outage? Any of the following issues can temporarily shut down a business — and hamper customers and employees. Yet some companies ignore business continuity and data recovery planning — despite the short- and long-term risks associated with disasters. And when disaster strikes, these businesses risk downtime and outages that lead to brand reputation damage and revenue losses.

There is no telling when a disaster might occur, but a business can plan ahead for disasters to limit their potential impact on customers and employees. At TSP, we can help a business develop and execute an IT disaster recovery plan. With our IT disaster recovery services, businesses can implement processes and systems to limit downtime after a disaster strikes.


Initially, we learn about a business and identify risks. We next develop a custom business continuity and data recovery plan that accounts for a company’s hardware and software, tolerance for downtime and data loss, and other factors. Finally, we establish backup systems and protocols, test its disaster recovery plan, and more.


We deliver extensive assistance in the event of an IT disaster, too. During an IT disaster, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to respond to any disaster recovery concerns and questions. Plus, we offer tips and recommendations to help a business quickly overcome a disaster and return to normal operations.

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  • Backup Testing and Monitoring: Back up business data and evaluate it regularly 

  • Business Continuity: Keep IT systems running smoothly after a disaster 

  • Data Recovery: Quickly restore data from business devices in the event of human error, cyber attack, or hardware failure 

  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Get ready for the worst-case scenarios 

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“The services that TSP provide mesh perfectly in that they’re available and responsive. We can just pick up the phone and get a response in short order. So much is resolved via phone, email, or text, that it’s almost like having someone in house.”

- Brian P. Partner


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