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Unsure how protected you are against a cyber attack?

On average, a data breach costs a small business $150,000.* TSP’s Cybersecurity audit gives you an efficient, effective way of understanding how well you are protected from cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity defense is complicated. We should know – our cybersecurity services already safeguard hundreds of our clients 24/7 against threats and have been for over 20 years. In that time, none of our clients have ever suffered a cybersecurity attack on TSP managed systems, which resulted in substantial business disruption.

Do you want to know how well your cyber defenses compare to the best? Our cybersecurity audit compares your current defenses to industry best-practices. We give you an easy-to-understand assessment of your weaknesses and concrete steps that you can take to increase your protection against cyber attackers.

5% of companies’ folders are properly protected*

Not sure where to start? We can help.

At TSP, our proven approach helps businesses identify security risks and plan accordingly. Our audits are tuned to address the specific level of risk, which is appropriate for your business.

First, you choose the Audit level that your firm needs, based on size, industry, and level of risk.

We’ll work through our 10-stage audit, which covers security for your network, devices, and users. We perform vulnerability scans, take a census of your critical data, review existing compliance documents, and perform interviews to see exactly how your users use IT systems.

Finally, TSP will compare the results with industry best practices, both for firms of similar size in the same industry and others who might be larger in size. With this information in hand, we provide a simple easy-to-read report of our assessment of your defenses, and then we deliver you a real, concrete plan for mitigating risk.

  1. Choose your audit level
  2. TSP performs our 10-stage audit
  3. We present our assessment and recommendations

Our Cybersecurity Audit Packages

Below you’ll find the range of cybersecurity audits that TSP offers. Choose the audit that makes the most sense for your business and budget. Upon completion, TSP provides a set of recommendations to improve cybersecurity around your networks, devices, and user protection. Bottom line: you’ll understand where you are protected, what your weak spots are, and how to become more secure.



    Our Silver Cybersecurity Audit is perfect for smaller firms using primarily cloud-based systems or executives working from home and remote locations. This is the must-have audit for every business.

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  • GOLD


    Our Gold Cybersecurity Audit is tailored for larger firms, with more staff and more systems. If you have servers in a data center or use a mix of cloud-based and on-premise systems, this audit is for you.

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    Our Platinum Cybersecurity Audit is for businesses most at risk to cyber attack, such as financial services companies, larger family offices, or professional service firms. Consider yourself a target? We have you covered.

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Cybersecurity Audit Levels Explained


Silver Cybersecurity Audit

Our Silver Audit audit provides you with a comprehensive overview of your high-level digital security risks by focusing on how you use your systems, share data, and collaborate internally and externally. We also do a basic scan of your office network or work-from-home network. This helps us understand how exposed your devices are to attack.

We’ll also look at all of the cloud-based services you use and how well secured they are. For Google and Microsoft 365, we’ll do a deep dive into how your email is being secured, ensuring you’re using all of the available security features of these powerful platforms.


Gold Cybersecurity Audit

Our Gold Audit is tailored for larger firms, where some staff is digitally-savvy, but many are not. We do a complete vulnerability test of your network, both internally and externally. We also do surveys of executives and a wide sample of users, which helps us to understand a full picture of your risks.

With the rapid increase of “social engineering attacks,” where people find staff members who are more likely to fall for well-crafted emails and phishing attacks, this audit level looks at the risk that your staff poses to your cybersecurity.


Platinum Cybersecurity Audit

Our Platinum Audit takes the same methodical approach to review your device, network, and user security. We also go the extra step of verifying all of your critical communication and SaaS services settings. Verification helps us to determine how we can make immediate improvements to your digital security. We take a “belt and suspenders” approach to your audit, not only taking a look at your settings but making immediate improvements to bolster your defenses quickly.

Cybersecurity FAQs

Q: I think my IT services company is doing enough, but how can I be sure?

TSP has performed many audits for organizations with an already established MSP relationship. We can assist in validating the hard work already done. We also identify additional opportunities to protect your security landscape further.

Q: I haven’t ever had a cybersecurity breach. Do I really need an audit?

There is a reason why the phrase “ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure” extends to cybersecurity as well. While many companies have not been hit with a major cyber attack, even something as simple as a phishing email might open up a foothold for ransomware. With the high average cost of a breach, isn’t it better to understand your organization’s risks and the steps to lower your risk? Ensuring you have good “cybersecurity hygiene” can be the difference between a bad day and a $150,000 price tag.

Q: I work for a company, and I am worried we aren’t protected enough.

You’ve come to the right place! We are happy to have an initial call to discuss our cybersecurity audits with you or any member of your team.

Q: I think I was a victim of a phishing attack. What do I do now?

First, you should contact your IT Services Provider to initiate any response plans that you have in place already – speed is of the essence. Secondly, begin changing passwords to any of your more sensitive or critical accounts (email, bank accounts, etc.). Especially any accounts that shared the same password. Once the dust has settled, TSP can analyze the attack’s root cause and identify recommendations to prevent another phishing incident. Check out our tech blog article on How to Spot a Phishing Email for more information!

Q: I don’t need a full audit. I just need a review of our current cybersecurity procedures.

Great! TSP can help to assess any of your existing defenses against industry best practices. Just contact us to get a quote for just the services that you need.

Q: Can you provide phishing awareness training for my employees? I am aware they may be my weakest link.

Yes, absolutely. TSP can implement periodic phishing emails that are made to try to trick people into click on links they shouldn’t. If someone clicks on the link, instead of downloading malware, it’s linked to a report where you can see exactly who is most at risk and do some training on digital security!


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