What's This Blue Bolt?

You’ll notice a small blue lightning bolt on your screen. This is your instant connection to TSP technical support. From simple Excel questions to file recovery, a solution is only two clicks away. We will continue to add additional features to this menu as we receive customer feedback. This could include guides to keyboard shortcuts, security updates, and more, so check back often for quick answers and up-to-date information!

Request Support

If you would like to speak to a member of the TSP support team, simply select the Request Support option, enter your phone number, the best time to reach you, and we will be in touch as close to your requested time as possible.

Download TSP QuickSupport

To prepare for your call with technical support, make sure you have the TSP QuickSupport application downloaded to your device. This will allow you to briefly share your screen with technical support so they may locate and fix the issue you are experiencing. Once this application is installed, you will not need to reinstall it for future support requests.

Launch TSP QuickSupport

When a TSP technician calls, you will need to launch the application from this menu bar, which will allow the technician to begin finding and fixing the issue. Once the session ends, you can quit the QuickSupport application, which will close the session and stop screen sharing.