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MSPs: Do You Need One?

In a world of acronyms, what’s an MSP to you? Traditionally,* managed service providers have been a technology resource for small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t necessarily have their own IT teams. Depending on your own area of expertise, an MSP could be your organization’s answer to keeping your IT operations secure and efficient. Are you ready to make that assessment?

Fish, or Cut Bait?

Many of our decisions, both personal and professional, come down to when and whether to bring in the experts. TSP’s clients often come to us after trying to solve their IT problems themselves or by depending on a “lone wolf” IT person.

Today, consider the following questions to start thinking whether an MSP is right for your organization:

  • How critical is customer data security and who on your team is responsible for it?

  • What percentage of your workforce is remote and who is taking care of their technology needs?

  • What percentage of your budget is allocated to IT resources? Is that enough to make technology a competitive advantage?

  • Do you wonder if your servers or networking equipment are too old or are not up to the latest standards of speed and security?

  • Do you have staff who are “doing IT” but could be better utilized elsewhere on your team?

By delegating the IT management of their operations to an MSP, these businesses are able to refocus their energy and resources on their own areas of expertise.

MSPs are more than just tech folks—they include project managers and product experts. They know more than just what button to press. An MSP can help move technology initiatives forward in your business by wrangling people and as well as processes.

Why Is TSP Different?

First, our specialty in Apple tech sets us apart in the managed services industry. Even though many businesses still operate in a Windows world, Macs are becoming more prevalent, and preferred, in the workplace. TSP’s ability to integrate both PC and MacOS systems delivers choice and better security for your employees.

We also approach problem solving and IT projects holistically. We don’t just provide the technical resources; we facilitate project and people management. Our diverse team can connect with clients on multiple levels, giving us the insight to provide solutions that support long-term partnerships.

Finally, we’re all about remote monitoring. Instead of checking on things only when someone is onsite, we’re 24/7 looking for anomalies on your network or systems and doing updates after hours. (That’s something that we’ve learned building some of Boston’s best smart homes.)

… And What Can Your Team Gain?

TSP’s vision for our clients revolves around one thing: doing what we do best so you can do what you do best. From reducing downtime to increasing the efficiency and engagement of your staff, the TSP way of supporting your company will end up with the best outcome: your not having to worry about IT at all.

Contact us today for a complimentary audit to determine whether managed services are the next right step for your business.

*TechTarget and Appsolute have useful write-ups that explain an MSP’s role in more detail.