Join Adam, Mike, and Kelly (and the occasional special guest) for TSP’s tech podcast as we chat about what’s going on in the world of technology and technology-adjacent ephemera.

We tackle important questions, like “Is the internet fake, actually?” and “When will we ever escape from Facebook?” Ever wonder what’s up with AI these days? What’s Elon Musk getting into now? Is the latest Apple release any good? We’ve got you covered. Also, for more in-depth reads on cyber security, IT Infrastructure, AV Integration or technology deployment, check out our tech blog or our Industry Insights from our resources page. Our bi-weekly tech podcast brings you up to date on all things tech.

Latest Grepcasts

  • #54 – Data is Humanity

    #54 – Data is Humanity


    On this episode of the Grepcast, we only focus on the good stuff! No bummers in this episode, not even a single one! Our quick hits start with domain name "acquisitions" and Smart Mirrors. From...

  • #53 – The Joy of Technology

    #53 – The Joy of Technology


    Sure - it's a bit of a spoiler, but in this episode of the Grepcast, we find concrete examples of the joy of technology. But before we get to that, we go over talk Cybersecurity,...

  • #52 – The FriendCRM

    #52 – The FriendCRM


    On this episode of the Grepcast, we tackle all of our late year heavy hitters - the tribulations of managing life, and what are we going to do about Open Office design?

  • #51 – The Arms Race of Noise

    #51 – The Arms Race of Noise


    For this episode of the Grepcast, we tread only lightly into the doom and gloom that is omnipresent surveillance systems until we venture into that happy land of noise design and how plants can really...