Join Adam, Mike, and Kelly (and the occasional special guest) for TSP’s tech podcast as we chat about what’s going on in the world of technology and technology-adjacent ephemera.

We tackle important questions, like “Is the internet fake, actually?” and “When will we ever escape from Facebook?” Ever wonder what’s up with AI these days? What’s Elon Musk getting into now? Is the latest Apple release any good? We’ve got you covered. Also, for more in-depth reads on cyber security, IT Infrastructure, AV Integration or technology deployment, check out our tech blog or our Industry Insights from our resources page. Our bi-weekly tech podcast brings you up to date on all things tech.

Latest Grepcasts

  • #49 – TSP is ///middle.become.stow?

    #49 – TSP is ///middle.become.stow?


    On this episode of the Grepcast our quick hits... hit all of our highlights - dumb IoT and frightening facial recognition. From there we become mystified by what three words can do for us, and...

  • #48 – The “Pay Me” Browser

    #48 – The “Pay Me” Browser


    Did you hear the news? Grepcast is bi-weekly now! First on our list this episode is shouting out the latest Good AI story for you, resulting in Adam and Mike creating the next big browser.

  • #47 – The Tracking Pixel Knows All

    #47 – The Tracking Pixel Knows All


    Hoboy. We finally dig into the joke that is the fine handed out by the FTC to Facebook. From there, we discuss the latest workers strike at Amazon, and then proceed to dunk on Tracking...

  • #46 – Breaking! AI is Good, Actually

    #46 – Breaking! AI is Good, Actually


    It's time to rejoice and sing in the streets, because finally - AI is actually doing some good. But before we give you the good news, Mike pours one out for Jony Ive, we chat...

  • #45 – There is no Buy, Only Rent.

    #45 – There is no Buy, Only Rent.


    Quick programming note at the top of the podcast today, please please change your cell phone carrier PIN! Before we give you the skinny on why this is your task for the week, we touch...

  • #44 – A Very Special Grepcast : ft Ben Pender-Cudlip

    #44 – A Very Special Grepcast : ft Ben Pender-Cudlip


    On this episode of the Grepcast, we chat with TSP-alum Ben Pender-Cudlip about his documentary Dawnland. In true Grepcast fashion, first, we dive into talking about the latest in SmartTV issues and why SMS encryption...