Rolling out the Welcome Mat at TSP’s Open House

Rolling out the Welcome Mat at TSP’s Open House

We hosted the first of our quarterly Open Houses of the year on February 25 at our office in Harvard Square. Our space, ever-evolving as a workshop and showroom, is the perfect place to demonstrate our A/V solutions for small to medium businesses in the greater Boston area.

Fully connected, ready to work

TSP itself has employees in three countries, so reliable remote connectivity that supports frequent video conferencing is non-negotiable. What we’ve seen is that as technology has changed, what used to be the “cheap solution” of software-defined video conferencing (e.g. Zoom, RingCentral, Google Hangouts, etc) has leapfrogged the dedicated video conference rooms of the past, such as Cisco and Polycom.

In other words, smaller businesses are now able to take full advantage of software solutions that operate independently of hardware choices. That independence allows more flexibility and customization from room to room, and from team to team.

TSP Founder Michael Oh explained that using software-defined solutions mean a business can invest in better hardware to drive A/V quality. “For example,” Mike said, “our clients Accel Partners and the Celtics use Zoom, and if it works for them clearly it can scale to any size for our clients.”

Show, don’t tell

Beyond the social benefits of a meet and greet, TSP’s open house provided context for video conferencing in modern business. TSP used its own small and medium conference spaces, as well as the large conference space of its client and neighbor, ERI, to demonstrate how using the right equipment for a room’s shape and size delivers superior results.

The event was also an opportunity to showcase the ease of integrating video conference software across platforms, operating systems, and devices–Mac or PC, O365, or Google.

The main event

As a consultancy, TSP is in a great position to bring its A/V expertise to its IT clients. The small but engaged group of guests allowed TSP to personalize interactions and demos with Biamp DSP representatives participating in person and remotely. Shure speakers, Joan scheduling panels, and the brand new Panacast 3 camera were other product highlights.

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