TSP Wins CRN IoT Innovators Award (Again): What You Need to Know

TSP Wins CRN IoT Innovators Award (Again): What You Need to Know

At TSP, we’re all about innovation, particularly when it comes to smart home technology. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that TSP has won a 2019 CRN IoT Innovators Award thanks in part to our work in the smart home space.

Our use of smart home technology in a 71-unit apartment complex helped us win our third consecutive CRN IoT Innovators Award. We integrated smart home technology from Savant and Lutron into the fundamental design of the complex, ensuring unit owners can control their lighting and heating using a one-app home automation platform. Plus, we provided unit owners with the flexibility to use their own smart home devices, and Apple products.

What Does Winning a 2019 CRN IoT Innovators Award Mean Exactly?

We’re proud of our 2019 CRN IoT Innovators Award, a recognition given to North American solution providers and systems integrators that help organizations incorporate IoT technologies into their everyday operations. At the same time, we believe the best is yet to come.

Today, TSP offers residential and commercial automation solutions backed by our Design Build Support process. Our deep architectural design acumen allows us to help clients identify appropriate smart space technology. We also follow stringent performance and reliability standards and provide cutting-edge maintenance and support; that way, each smart home space delivers the best possible experience.

In addition to smart home technology, TSP provides a wide range of IT services, including IT support in Boston, networking and cyber security offerings. We’re a managed service provider that refuses to rest on its laurels, and our commitment to providing innovative technologies is unmatched.

The bottom line: TSP is a Boston area MSP and IT services and solutions provider dedicated to innovation. Our 2019 CRN IoT Innovators Award recognizes our dedication to innovation, and we continue to explore ways to innovate. In doing so, we help our clients maximize the value of their technology investments.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians, please email us at business@tsp.me or call us at 617-267-9716.