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Conference Room AV Integration

There is a revolution in Conference Room AV integration. We're here for it and you should be, too.

You already know that clear communication is essential to moving business forward. So when your AV falls short, your message loses momentum.  

Good conferencing mojo comes from the right cameras, well-placed speakers, high quality microphones, and powerful DSPs.* We deliver all of that and more for your meeting and huddle rooms.


TSP puts the power back in your remote conferencing.

Power up your conference game

*Digital Signal Processor. Or as we like to think of it, a magic box.

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Expert Engineering

Driven by our founder's background in aeronautical engineering, our approach to boardroom AV Integration places a premium on usability and reliability. To perform their best, our meeting room AV solutions often include:

  • Savant and Lutron lighting and A/V control technology

  • Business-class monitoring systems

Choosing the industry’s best technology ensures that our solutions are as dependable as they are functional.  

Integrated Control

An AV system with integrated control allows you to begin and manage meetings seamlessly. For that to happen consistently, TSP designs systems that:

  • Coordinate unique elements to work together as one

  • Eliminate the single points of failure that cause good meetings to go bad

  • Account for users who may or may not be familiar with the control system

Designing around functional dependencies gives your system integrity, and ensures there’s always a way to get things working as intended.

Designed Experiences

At TSP, we focus on customer experience, which means we tailor our work to each client’s physical space and business objectives. Our designs consider: 

  • Architectural elements like shape, size, and materials that affect acoustics

  • Primary function of a space, whether it’s meetings or presentations

  • Users' natural preferences of how to interact with others in a meeting

We often focus on “invisible” technology that functions seamlessly and subtly as part of the room’s interior. Whatever your vision, TSP has the knowledge, capabilities, and expertise to bring your ideal workspace to life.

Accel Conference Room AV

Solving for the challenges of a top-notch Central London space and a multinational audience.

ERI Conference Room AV

Design and installation strategies for beefy components in confined and minimalist spaces.

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