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We Raise the Bar for PC and Mac Small Business IT Services in Boston Area.

TSP launched in 1992 as a provider of PC and Mac small business IT support to Boston-area businesses. A lot has changed over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to providing exceptional business IT support services and solutions. We help businesses implement, upgrade, and optimize IT services and solutions – quickly and affordably. Don’t just take our word for it though. Visit our testimonials page to hear what our clients think!

Our diverse team includes architects, Apple techs, audio producers, and business consultants. We operate across a wide range of industries — everything from broadcasting to finance to big pharma. Regardless, our team has one goal: to support our clients in any way possible.

Hiring an IT services provider to perform break/fix work, troubleshoot computer glitches, and perform system upgrades is no longer an option. You deserve more than just an average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill IT services

provider. Fortunately, there’s TSP — a PC and Mac IT support and solutions provider that strives for outstanding. We recognize the potential of technology, and with our business IT support, we’ll help you reach the full value of your technology investment.

* Based on our 2021 customer surveys up to May 5th

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Automation is great for IT. But your business needs actual, real, live human beings who can answer questions and provide support at a moment’s notice. Our people are here to help you in any way possible. Our team is approachable, and we want you to engage with us. Get to know us, and you’ll soon discover why we’re great at what we do. Looking to join our team? Visit our careers page and see what opportunities we have available!

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27 Years in Business

We’re PC and Mac IT Support Experts

TSP hangs tough with IT problems, thanks in part to our comprehensive industry experience. We take a step-by-step approach to handle IT issues. We also won’t settle for a solution just because it is fast and easy. With our approach, we develop and deliver solutions to address IT problems both now and in the future.

  • TSP IT Services

    Businesses need IT solutions built to address their own unique goals and requirements. We assemble the right team and mix of services for every need, whether it’s leading large-scale projects or providing day-to-day support.

    Key Services

    TSP IT Services
    +1 617 267 9716

  • TSP Smart Spaces

    Smart Space technology solutions from TSP combine our decades of experience at the forefront of home and commercial automation with deep interior design acumen and cutting-edge maintenance and support.

    Key Services

    • Collaborative design & buildouts
    • Long-term support & maintenance
    • Remote monitoring
    • Custom temperature, lighting, and moods
    • Workspace optimization
    • Audio/visual infrastructure

    TSP Smart Spaces
    +1 617 267 9716

  • Nordic Smart Spaces

    The Iceland-based arm of TSP’s Smart Space unit, Nordic Smart Spaces shares our commitment to superior experience, intuitive design, and absolute reliability.

    Key Services

    • Collaborative design & buildouts
    • Long-term support & maintenance
    • Remote monitoring
    • Custom temperature, lighting, and moods
    • Workspace optimization
    • Audio/visual infrastructure

    Nordic Smart Spaces
    +354 4979701​​​​

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