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No time to make sure you’re in compliance with vendors, clients, and insurance? Let us help.

Compliance in the startup world can take on many forms.

Your particular industry might have regulations, or your investors require you to have certain compliance requirements to meet funding requirements. Your insurance company might need you to show that your cyber defenses lower your risk of cyber attack.


Compliance sometimes needs extra resources.

Sometimes, startups have bootstrapped solutions that were put in place to address a short-term need but ended up being the longer-term solution. Some of these create blockers to full compliance – so let us help provide the extra resources to shift these into longer-term solutions that are fully compliant.


Compliance isn’t easy, and that’s with good reason.

IT Compliance is important not only for protecting the privacy of your customers, clients, and your business, but also for improving your clients’ and investors’ trust in your business. Checking off all compliance requirements means giving everyone confidence that you are treating data and your privacy processes correctly.

TSP will work with you to ensure your technology meets the requirements

We’ll ensure your technology meets the requirements for the compliance you need to follow. We can help you gain new compliance or work with you to maintain the ones you already have. Here are all of the different types of compliance we can help with:

HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, OC-2

It's not just alphabet soup. We’ve helped new ventures keep in line with the IT systems and process parts of many different compliance and regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, and SOC-2.

Cyber compliance

It might sound like we’re making up a new term, but cyber compliance is a thing! With losses mounting every month, insurance companies and investors alike are requiring your internal systems to be vetted.

Systems audits

As you grow, your IT systems will get more complex. You need someone to keep an eye on what could be tomorrow’s compliance risk. We help you keep organized and continually assess your risks as you focus on growth.

Replacing older systems

Everything is relative, but even a system from last year which wasn’t built for your new scale might need revamping, and we can give you the resources to rework systems while maintaining your upward trajectory.

Planning ahead

Today’s requirements aren’t tomorrow’s, especially if you plan for larger growth. Leverage our experience in helping ventures scale to make sure that you’re ahead of the curve for the next round of compliance requirements.

We help startups through rapid growth. We’re agile, like you.

When you’ve scaled up companies like Cohere Health - who went from 7 to hundreds of users - you know a thing or two about what it takes to keep a startup compliant. Let us help you too.

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Tired of going through all of your checklists on your own?

Tech Superpowers can work with you to determine what compliance standards you need to follow, and help to make sure your IT infrastructure and services meet all of the various requirements.

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