Cybersecurity. Why isn’t a single tool enough to protect me?

The threat is human.
But so are we.

Cyber attacks are evolving. What was a threat a year ago may not be the same threat today.

Our solution?

Defense in Depth. We’ve spent years developing our cybersecurity solutions for startups and growing companies. Our staff is experienced and trained. We have Sophos and CISA-certified engineers ready to help you sleep better at night.


Cybersecurity isn’t just one service.

It’s a set of services that stack together to provide broad protection from a wide range of threats. Each layer requires knowledge, tools, and certifications. Leave this to us, while you and your team focus on growth.


Cybersecurity at every level of service.

We provide cybersecurity solutions for every one of our clients with every level of service. In today’s ever-evolving world of cyber threats, cybersecurity isn’t optional. It needs to be baked into every part of your company’s culture. We’ll help you get there.

Below are some of the components of our “defense in depth” strategy.

Good cybersecurity is an ongoing partnership. We’ll be at your side to implement, manage, and monitor your security, so you can rest assured that you’re following the latest industry standard to stay ahead of hackers. We give your staff the tools they need deftly identify cyber attacks and sound the alarm at the first signs of an intrusion.

Endpoint Protection and Response

We install industry-leading firewalls and endpoint protection software on your network and each potentially vulnerable device.

Digital Security Training

By offering regular phishing testing and education, we help you identify staff who are prone to scams and falling for phishing attempts. Your team is only as strong as the weakest link.

Patch Management

We make sure that the latest security updates are applied across your networking equipment, servers, desktops, and laptops. Regular reports of patch status help to plug the gaps.

Encryption and Remote Wipe

Encryption is key to data security - it keeps your data safe if a device falls into the wrong hands. We also enable secure remote wipe features to keep lost devices from becoming data breaches.

Ransomware backups

Ensuring that your devices and servers have backups that aren’t easily corrupted in the case of a ransomware attack. Our watchful eye makes sure that backups run regularly for all critical systems.

Asset Inventory

We monitor and track all of your computers, networking equipment, printers, switches, corporate phones, and more. If it’s technology, we’re accounting for it and making sure everything is up to date.

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

From advanced log monitoring to MDM, our advanced security services help to provide additional layers of protections. Services like Cloudflare and Cisco Umbrella provide cloud-based solutions to protect against fringe attacks.

We’ve been around since the beginning of cybersecurity.

No really! So we’ve seen cyber threats go from theoretical to causing billions of dollars of damage a year. Believe us when we say, the threats to businesses will only increase. A continuous, multifaceted, and people-centric defense is needed to bolster your protection - and we can help you mount the best defense.

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Ready to take the next step?

Cyberattacks can be costly. Don’t wait until the signs of trouble to mount your defenses. Get in touch and we’ll work together on a proactive defense strategy.

Frequently asked questions

I think my IT services company is doing enough, but how can I be sure?

We’ve performed many audits for organizations with an already established MSP relationship. We can assist in validating the hard work already done. By also identify additional opportunities, we protect your business even further than what you’ve done so far.

We haven’t ever had a cybersecurity breach. Do we really need an audit?

There is a reason why the phrase “ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure” extends to cybersecurity solutions as well. While many companies have not been hit with a major cyber attack, even something as simple as a phishing email might open up a foothold for ransomware. With the high average cost of a breach, isn’t it better to understand your organization’s risks and the steps to lower your risk?

I work for a company, and I am worried we aren’t protected enough. What should I do next?

You’ve come to the right place! We are happy to have an initial call to discuss our cybersecurity audits with you to help you educate yourself and any member of your team on what is the right amount of protection for your business.

I think I was a victim of a phishing attack. What do I do now?

First, you should contact your IT Services Provider to initiate any response plans that you have in place already – speed is of the essence. Secondly, begin changing passwords to any of your more sensitive or critical accounts (email, bank accounts, etc.). Especially any accounts that shared the same password. Once the dust has settled, TSP can analyze the attack’s root cause and identify recommendations to prevent another phishing incident. Check out our tech blog article on How to Spot a Phishing Email for more information!

I don’t need a full audit. I just need a review of our current cybersecurity procedures.

Great! TSP can help to assess any of your existing defenses against industry best practices. Just contact us to get a quote for just the services that you need.

Can you provide phishing awareness training for my employees? I am aware they may be my weakest link.

Yes, absolutely. TSP includes this testing for every one of our IT clients, sending periodic phishing emails that are made to try to trick people into click on links they shouldn’t. If someone clicks on the link, instead of downloading malware, it’s linked to a report where you can see exactly who is most at risk and do some training on digital security!

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