Special Projects. From device deployment to new platforms

Change is constant.
We’re here to help.

Sometimes growth is being driven by large shifts that need superhuman strength – that's us.

Invest in the right tools so you can work smarter.

Often startups have to bootstrap initial technology investments, but eventually, you’ll need the good stuff to enable scale and cybersecurity solutions. Make sure your organization is supported and not held back by your infrastructure.


Large shifts need focus and experience.

Let’s face it, startups run on technology, both the platforms that you use and the services that you’re creating for your market. And technology changes. If you need to shift your day-to-day platforms across dozens or even hundreds of users, we give you the extra muscle to do it.


Does a task feel Herculean? Bring us in.

Rolling out large quantities of devices and managing them properly requires the right people, tools, and processes. If your challenge has to do with sending devices all over the country for your staff or clients, we can make it happen. We’ve done it in small scale,

We’re here for you no matter what efforts your business needs. After all, it’s in the name.

We enjoy the complexity of the technology-driven world. Sometimes it takes that extra push to get something done – implementing a new technology, getting a cutting-edge idea off the ground, or just getting rid of the old and replacing it with new. We’re here to help plan, execute, and mop up any mess.

Special Technology Projects
Plan new build outs

Growth sometimes means new offices or new facilities, which can sometimes feel like changing cars while on the highway. We’ll help make these transitions easier and take on a lot of the worry - from networks to AV.

Implement new platforms

As you grow, adding a new piece of software to your stack becomes no small feat. Whether or not it’s for productivity or compliance, we can make sure that your new tools are rolled out correctly, the first time.

System migration

Even the smartest companies have to move between systems. Hello, Google! Goodbye, Microsoft! Goodbye, Zoom! Hello, Microsoft! We can help when things change so that you can keep your eye on what’s important: growth.

Device deployment and distribution

We build out Mac, Windows, and iOS deployment policies and facilitate the deployment and distribution of your devices so you don’t have to worry about doing this directly.

Mobile device management

As mobile devices become a bigger part of our world, we can help to manage and secure them across your entire organization. MDM is also key to making sure that corporate data is being managed correctly on personal devices.

Family and home office domains

Technology risk is everywhere, and we’ll help to evaluate how much your venture has from cyberattack or technology disruption and we’ll provide you with concrete next steps on how to improve.

Experience and partnerships. The keys to success.

We have decades of experience performing a wide variety of projects that fall outside traditional help desk services. With strong relationships with Cisco, Apple and other key AV vendors, we have everything that you need to build the infrastructure and facilities that your startup needs to thrive.

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Perhaps you want to talk about a special technology project or AV integration project that falls outside the scope of your current managed IT services provider? Let us talk through our approach.

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