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There’s no escaping meetings at work. Let us help make them enjoyable and effective.

Working from home certainly has its perks.

But while we were all working from home and video conferencing the past few years, our office conference rooms remained unused and underinvested. As hybrid work and virtual events have become the mainstream, our conference rooms have become the hub in their own right and need a significant rethink.


Seamless communication across your teams is essential.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past few years, virtual meetings are here to stay. You need a room with conference room audio visual solutions equipped to handle every meeting, virtual, in-person, or hybrid. That means seamless communication and ease of use so that nothing is lost in translation.


We’ll be there through every step.

We’ll help by designing, building, and supporting your conference room AV integration from start to finish. With proper support through regular use. That means bringing in the right audio equipment, installed the right way, and supported by a team experienced in ensuring you have the best experience possible.

So what exactly makes a successful conference room, you might ask?

A well-built conference room is more than just a good camera and microphone. It’s the seamless integration of camera, television, microphone, speakers, acoustics, and more to transform your virtual meeting experience. 


Strategically placed speakers provide crystal-clear audio to the entire room, rather than sourcing from a single spot on one end.


Having correctly placed microphones eliminates common audio issues like feedback from nearby audio sources or coverage issues where one area of the room is louder than another.


You not only want a camera that is high-definition enough to capture everyone in the space clearly, able to see everyone in the room at one time, and has a powerful enough zoom to focus in on any particular speaker.


The bigger the better right? We’ve found that some rooms are just too small to fit that 80” television you might be looking at. Let us help find the right solution to fit your space.


Poor acoustics can lead to a terrible meeting room experience, even with the best AV integration equipment. Acoustic solutions such as bass traps, insulation, and absorption and diffusion panels can transform the acoustics in your space.


We’ve all sat in a dark meeting room after a heavy lunch and found ourselves drifting off, or been unable to focus in a meeting due to a harsh glare on the screen. Smart lighting and shades keeps light levels consistent throughout your meetings and everyone engaged at the same time.

Our conference room AV projects span the globe. We’re not just an AV company in Boston.

We’ve been designing and building reliable and robust conference room AV systems for decades. We believe that our design, build, support process delivers you the best results. We select partners who provide us with a high level of confidence in their engineering, integration, and reliability, both independently and when integrated with other systems.

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Frequently asked questions

My conference room is too large to hear everyone correctly. How can you solve this?

Believe it or not, there are a few solutions that go beyond just having people talk louder. The first step is to ensure people joining you virtually can hear everyone. Our design phase includes audio services that ensure that every inch of your conference room is picked up on the microphone evenly and clearly. For the people joining in person, this is where acoustic solutions come in to play. Bass traps, diffusers, and sound absorption panels optimize your conference room acoustics (and can look quite stylish at the same time).

Do your conference rooms work with Zoom?

In the past few years, it wasn’t just Zoom that rose to prominence. Microsoft Teams, Ringcentral and more became part of our everyday life. We know not every organization uses the same software. But you need to be ready to join any meeting using any software quickly and easily. Our conference rooms are set up not only to use your preferred conferencing software, but to join just about every one on the market. This way, you can enjoy crystal-clear communication no matter the software for your next meeting.

I already have a conference room, but the equipment is out of date. Do we have to start from scratch?

Not necessarily! The first thing we do when designing your conference room is get on site to measure and assess what you’re currently working with. If you have conference room audio video in place that is still effective and integrates with your new system, we’re happy to work with you to keep that in place.

I’m not in Boston. Can you still help me with our conference room?

Absolutely. While most of our team is located right in the Boston area, we’ve designed, built, and supported AV systems across the globe.

Which microphone is the best?

That’s certainly a loaded question. While we do have preferred brands we have tested and trust, the solution we recommend will come down to your unique needs and the measurements of your space. A small huddle room has different acoustics than a large corporate Boston board room and therefore, will require a different setup. There are so many options, we’ve put together a guide to conference room audio for you to help maximize your audio quality and video quality.

How do I get started?

Our first step is to get onsite and see what you’re currently working with. We’ll listen to you on what you’re looking to achieve in the space (whether that’s meetings, corporate events, or something else) and take some measurements while we’re there. From there, we’ll create a design for your space that best aligns with your needs.

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