Managed IT Services. We are more than just a help desk.

We’re growth

We get it. Managed IT Services sounds boring. But done right, it's nothing short of extraordinary.

Every success has an origin story.

Our origin story is one of entrepreneurship and persistence. Startups succeed through grit, the right connections, and a great idea. But they also need the right technology, considered early. We understand what it takes to run and grow a venture – we’ve been inventing and reinventing for 30 years.


Behind the scenes, you need a solid partner.

Let us be your rock-solid foundation for managed IT services in Boston as you take the same journey. Our certified engineers make sure that your network, users, and devices are set up with all of the proper protections and systems from the start.


We’ll help keep overhead minimal.

Do you need to build out your own IT department? The answer is No. With our managed IT services in Boston, we’ll deliver a complete IT department, a solid foundation of IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity protection, all from day one, for a fraction of the cost. Check out the true costs of in-house IT in comparison to outsourcing your IT.

Why pay for things you won’t use? Our managed IT service packages look different depending on what you need.

Every venture needs great IT services to accelerate its path to success, but that doesn’t mean that your needs are the same as the others.

One venture might need to shore up cybersecurity for SOC 2 accreditation, while another might need to onboard 100 people in their next growth phase. The business solutions we offer are unique for every organization.

Managed IT Services
Your IT Helpdesk

Your staff will need help every day on tech issues large and small. We’ll be there to answer the call, email, or Slack message with our 99% satisfaction rating. Every. Single. Day.

On and Off Boardings

New staff is a big part of any growing company. We’ll help them get their devices and be plugged into your company’s technology and culture from day one, even if you have a remote or hybrid working model.

Configuration Management

As you grow, devices need to be managed consistently and with all of the right security policies. Everyone gets the tools that they need, when they need it. We put together the framework and implement it for all your systems.

Updates and Patch Management

Keeping systems and software up to date isn’t just about getting the latest and greatest features. It’s about good cybersecurity as well - consistently applied updates means you're better protected from ransomware and malware attacks. We’ll keep you current.

Cloud Services Setup

Accounts, accounts, and accounts. We’re all logging into dozens of services every day. Let us keep track of your SaaS platforms and help streamline the login process for your employees. We make things easier and more secure with Single Sign On.

Cybersecurity at Every Stage

Yes, we do cybersecurity too - but it’s not just a service, it’s baked into every part of the services that we provide. From encryption to anti-malware defenses, our cybersecurity services will reduce risks for you, your clients, and your investors.

Asset Management

How do you know what to manage if you don’t know what you have? We can help to keep a solid inventory of hardware, licenses, and people using your systems. Then from there, we’ll assist you in knowing when it’s time to upgrade - making sure no one has to use a system that’s over the hill.

Training and Testing

What good is technology if no one knows how to use it? We’ll make sure that people are trained from day one on how to best use your software stack. And we’ll also test and reinforce their knowledge about phishing attacks and cybersecurity to keep everyone safe.

Our experience runs deep. Very deep.

We’ve been in the Managed IT Services industry before it was even an industry. Perhaps that makes us seem old? Good. We’ve seen it all. We’ve helped our clients win awards, launch new services, and even beat the pandemic. We make what’s complex simple by bringing our team’s knowledge and experience to help you solve your technology problems.

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Want to find out more?

We know your company’s path isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Contact us and we can curate our Managed IT Services to solve your most important technology problems.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly do you respond to tickets?

An emergency room has someone triaging every patient who walks through the door, ensuring each issue is dealt with according to severity. As a managed services provider, we apply the same logic to our support tickets. All of our incoming requests are triaged by a member of team – making sure that the right technician is able to reach out to you to start working on your request. Since we’re looking at every request as it comes in, we can ensure that priority issues like security solutions and problems are seen faster than that pesky printer issue.

When I submit a support request, do I get the same person every time?

While you may not talk to the same technician every time, Tech Superpowers is small on purpose – allowing the team to learn about you and your business – and before long, you’ll be on a first name basis with everyone. This is one of the biggest benefits to Managed IT. Where an internal technician has to be a jack of all trades, knowing how to solve everything at a surface level, we have more depth on our bench. An MSP (managed services provider) can hire technicians that specialize in specific areas of IT and bring them in where needed, making sure that your problem is solved, not just patched.

Where are your technicians located?

We’re not a nationwide service, and we think this is one of our biggest strengths. When we say we offer Boston outsourced IT, we mean it. The people helping you solve your technology problems are right here in your community, and are full-time employees, not just contractors. Our managed IT services in Boston are as local as it sounds. We even have happy hours in our Boston-based office so your employees can meet ours.

What levels of support do you offer?

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. What works for one company isn’t going to necessarily work for you. Every client we have has a unique package tailored specifically to their needs. When you engage with us and explore options for IT services, we’ll start putting together a package just for you and your organization. We’ve helped everyone from small businesses to growing startups.

I use Apple computers. Can you still offer support?

Absolutely. Tech Superpowers has had many iterations over the years, one of them being Apple support. As we’ve evolved into services like Managed IT and cybersecurity, we’ve kept our expertise with Apple products. In fact, one of the things we pride ourselves on at TSP is our ability to manage your systems, no matter what devices you use or the size of your business (small business to large enterprise).

Do you require us to your specific products?

While many IT services for businesses have specific solutions they use and require you to adapt to their products, we’re quite the opposite. We’re willing to adapt to you and what you prefer to use. Obviously if you need a recommendation we’re more than happy to help you out, but we’re here to meet you where you are, not where we think you should be.

We already have an IT guy. Can you still help us?

Of course! The concept of co-managed IT is relatively new and only gaining traction among managed service providers. Many of our clients have an internal team to tackle day-to-day support issues, relying on us for high-level strategy and technology planning. Wherever your gaps are, we’re there to help fill them in.

What are your IT support package prices?

You won’t see any managed IT services pricing or a managed services pricing calculator on our website, and that’s intentional. Your company is unique, and we believe every client deserves a custom package to fit their needs. We don’t use cookie-cutter solutions or a “good, better, best” tiered support system. Every package we put together is custom-tailored to your organization and designed to scale with you as you grow from startup to success.

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