10 June, 2021

Exceeding expectations

TSP worked closely with NBTS to identify its IT requirements, deliver appropriate IT services, solutions, and support, and share IT best practices with its local and remote staff.


NBTS partners with TSP for nonprofit IT support

The National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for healthcare providers and people who have been affected by brain tumors. Tech Superpowers worked closely with NBTS to identify its IT requirements, deliver appropriate IT services, solutions, and support, and share IT best practices with its local and remote staff.

A reliable IT partner

NBTS is at the forefront of brain tumor advocacy, public policy, and research initiatives. The organization invests in its talented, unique, and influential staff all over the country to support its mission to conquer and cure brain tumors.

NBTS wanted to provide its team members with IT services, solutions, and support to accommodate their needs. The organization sought an IT partner that served as a one-stop resource for all things IT. This partner would help NBTS improve the efficiency of its IT systems and infrastructure, minimize cyber risk, and maintain data redundancy. At the same time, the partner would provide responses to employees’ IT concerns and questions 24/7.

In addition, NBTS wanted an IT partner that would educate its workforce about IT challenges and how to address them. NBTS wanted to empower its staff with the IT tools and resources they need to thrive, and in doing so, could move closer to conquering and curing brain tumors — once and for all.

Increased IT and technology efficiency

NBTS’s previous IT provider maintained a near-daily presence on-site to accommodate their staff’s IT needs. While this gave users a sense of comfort, the reality was that a constant on-site IT presence was costly and inefficient. TSP’s approach was to implement better systems of management, which required less on-site time, while also focusing on providing IT training to its staff. This approach to nonprofit IT support allowed NBTS to focus on advancing their cause, not IT.

Building trust

To build trust with NBTS’s staff, we initially instituted weekly visits to NBTS’s headquarters and gradually moved to a bi-weekly schedule. Also, we worked directly with NBTS’s Office Administrator to coordinate the onboarding of the organization’s remote employees into TSP’s nonprofit IT support systems. This enabled us to introduce NBTS staff members to different technologies and respond to any concerns and questions as well.

To top it off, TSP scheduled an appointment with each NBTS staff member from the get-go. TSP sent NBTS staff members an email that included instructions and expectations for the meeting. With this approach, TSP set the groundwork for a successful partnership with all members of the NBTS team.

  1. Provided responsive customer solutions to nationwide staff
  2. Implemented a cost-saving phone and web conferencing system
  3. Shared IT best practices through extensive staff training
TSP continues to support NBTS in any way possible. Our ongoing partnership helps the organization further its brain tumor advocacy, public policy, and research efforts.

Continuous education

Getting local and remote workers on the same page with IT can be a challenge for any organization, and NBTS was no exception. Thanks to TSP’s forward-thinking approach to IT, we helped NBTS introduce its local and remote employees to a wide range of technologies.

Ongoing education was key, and we taught NBTS’s employees about IT do’s and don’ts — everything from how to identify a phishing attack to how to log in for a phone or web conference. We instilled NBTS’s employees with IT insights, tools, and resources via on-site and remote training sessions and left no stone unturned in our efforts to educate NBTS’s staff.

Trust and collaboration was key

By continuously responding to employees’ IT concerns and questions, we fostered a relationship NBTS’s staff built on trust and collaboration. We also empowered NBTS staff members with the ability to manage IT problems before they could potentially disrupt the organization’s day-to-day operations and activities.

For NBTS, the benefits of TSP’s nonprofit IT support and support have been substantial thus far. NBTS has lowered its operating costs and enhanced learning and communication among its local and remote workers. This has been done via advanced teleconferencing and video conferencing technology implemented and maintained by TSP.

Client Name

National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS)

Project Type

IT Support

Key services provided

Phone and Web Conferencing, IT Training and Support

  • Implementing a cost-saving phone and web conferencing system
  • Providing IT training to local and remote staff
  • Sharing IT best practices
  • One-stop IT resource for their nationwide staff
  • Providing on-site and remote support to NBTS staff across the country
  • Established a workflow to accommodate its flexible and ever-changing culture
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