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Over the past year our work lives have changed in many ways, but few more drastically than how we work. As we’ve transitioned to either working from home full-time, or a hybrid work-from-home and in-office mix, the need for crystal clear communication has never been greater.

With the right equipment , you can improve your organization’s communication no matter where you or your employees are. We focus on integrating microphones, speakers, TVs, and other conference room solutions into your conference room or home office. Transform your space into a work environment that fosters unprecedented communication and collaboration. At TSP, we’ve been offering meeting room AV system guidance, installation, and support for decades.

We can help your organization leverage first-rate remote conferencing technologies to improve communication between your in office and remote workers. Our meeting room AV design specialists work with your organization to find the best ways to maximize your communication capabilities while enhancing the specific design of your space. To read more about video conferencing platform check out this blog post.

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89% agree that video conferencing reduces project completion time*

Improved Communication and Collaboration = Improved Results

Video conferencing technology brings significant benefits to your business, your employees, and your clients. Harnessing the power of video conferencing lowers your business’s operating costs while fostering an environment of collaboration and communication throughout your organization. In fact, 94% of businesses say video conferencing increases productivity and 90% of users say video makes it easier to get your point across.* In short: video conferencing technology keeps your employees productive and your clients happy.



Microphones and Speakers

Microphones and speakers have far-flung effects on conference room communications. If you pick up standard microphones and speakers, it is unlikely they’ll complement your conference room based on its size, location, or setup. Even if you invest in advanced options, you risk paying too much. Importantly, TSP analyzes your meeting space to help maintain clear, coherent communication. To read more about microphone upgrades check out this blog post.


Room Acoustics

Acoustics have major ramifications on employee and client communications in meeting rooms both big and small. Despite this, acoustics are often ignored during conference room setup. TSP’s acoustics experts analyze your unique conference room challenges and select ceiling tiles, foam, partitions, and other sound absorption solutions that not only rectify the problems but look good while doing it. To read more about common conference room mistakes check out this blog post.


Lighting and Shading

Let’s face it, no one wants to give a video presentation with sunlight blasting in their eyes. Yet this problem, and many similar ones, may occur if a business ignores conference room lighting and shading. TSP offers state-of-the-art light control solutions from Lutron and automatic shading from Savant. Together, they make it easy to manage all aspects of conference room lighting.

Our clients love us, and we love them back!

  • "TSP has been terrific in helping design the AV installation for our meeting rooms and public spaces in our London office, their attention to detail has resulted in a very easy to use AV system and has maximised our investment in AV technology."

    IT Manager, Accel

  • "We can just pick up the phone and get a response in short order. So much is resolved via phone, email, or text that It's almost like having someone in house."

    Brian P., Nolan, Sheehan, Patten

Some of our AV Integration Partners

At TSP, we provide meeting room AV design guidance, installation, and support. We test and recommend state-of-the-art products to provide only the best solutions for our clients. TSP works with Biamp, Lutron, Savant, and other industry-leading brands to maintain clear communication with employees and clients around the globe. The results? Seamless communication and collaboration between employees and clients, regardless of location.

  • Biamp


    TSP trusts Biamp for their ability to deliver, manage, and enhance professional audio and video for the most effective, natural communications possible.

  • Artnovion


    Artnovion is driven by passion and hard work to push the boundaries of acoustic engineering to create a unique collection of trendsetting and high-performance products.

  • Sonance


    Sonance’s hidden audio solutions deliver an even, balanced sound experience that is nothing short of magical, blending into any style, installation, or budget.

  • Shure


    Shure microphones have been the industry standard for microphones since their beginnings in the 1920s. We’ve integrated microphones from Shure into conference rooms across the globe.

  • Logitech


    Logitech is renowned for its focus on how users connect and interact with the digital world. We use Logitech’s video conferencing solutions in many of our conference room projects.

  • Jabra/Panacast


    Jabra’s Panacast cameras delivers a full 180 degree field of view in 4k. This panoramic range is rarely seen in traditional conferencing cameras, and even less so in hi-definition.


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Case Studies

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Tech Blog