Remote Endpoint Monitoring and Network Support in Boston

Can your business monitor its networks and endpoints from any location, at any time? Network and endpoint monitoring isn’t glamorous — but it is necessary for businesses that want to avoid costly, time-intensive IT problems. With TSP‘s network and endpoint monitoring tools, businesses can quickly detect and resolve IT issues, track the performance of IT assets, and optimize IT performance.

Our network monitoring solutions enable businesses to instantly identify network problems. For example, if a network drive is nearing full capacity, we can address this issue before it hampers network performance. Or, if a network attack leads to an outage, we work with a business’s internet service provider to fix the problem — even if it happens outside traditional business hours. And if a business requires network data backups, we provide network monitoring tools that make it simple to back up network data.

In addition to network monitoring, we assess business endpoints to ensure that they are secure and easy to manage. We provide endpoint monitoring solutions backed by friendly, knowledgeable experts who continuously track and manage computers, smartphones, tablets, and other business devices. Also, if unwanted apps are inadvertently installed on business devices, we can immediately remove them thanks to solutions from Watchman Monitoring. We even offer endpoint monitoring solutions that allow businesses to guard against ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats. See how we protect our clients from cyber threats with Sophos.

When it comes to best-in-class network support in Boston, TSP delivers. We are a leader in network monitoring in Boston, as well as provide top-notch endpoint monitoring solutions to big and small companies across all industries. Plus, we are happy to provide insights into our network and endpoint monitoring offerings to help businesses identify solutions that deliver long-lasting benefits.


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Service Features

  • Configuration Management: Gather device configuration information and track changes
  • Incident Management: Learn about security incidents before they lead to data breaches
  • Network Maintenance: Receive regular network maintenance to minimize IT issues
  • Performance Monitoring: Gain real-time network performance insights
  • Remote Monitoring: Enjoy 24/7 remote network support

Our clients love us, and we love them back!

  • "Our firm started with Macs as our technology base and was looking for someone with expertise to help us manage it. The services that TSP provide mesh perfectly in that they're available and responsive."

    Brian P., Nolan, Sheehan, Patten

  • "They are very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and will customize a workflow that works around your particular workplace culture and will flex with the changing needs of your organization."

    Marisa P., National Brain Tumor Society

31% of companies have had their operational technology compromised*

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