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IT Services

Technology has come on a long way— today, it's a multiplier for your business.

IT: two simple letters that often stand for expensive and complicated. Your business’s IT needs are unique and evolving, and the solutions you choose should be, too. Don’t go it alone. TSP assembles the right team and tools to create a strategic, targeted approach for your organization.

No one-size-fits-all solutions here.

Are you wasting time on tech?

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure is the foundation of your technology and your business. Before you think about apps, websites, and files, assess what your tech is built on:

  • Firewalls and VPNs

  • Switches and wireless access points

  • Storage and virtual servers 

These elements are the cornerstones of building a stable and lasting infrastructure, and the TSP stack—our tested infrastructure design—is second-to-none.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is key to ensuring smooth operations for your team and the systems it relies on. TSP reduces your exposure with: 

  • Threat assessments based on your business risk

  • Solutions that include software, training, and active security monitoring

  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting on evolving vulnerabilities

Our team has the advantage of seeing security across organizations of varied sizes and in multiple industries. We use that perspective to design the best security perimeter for you.


Network Monitoring

  • Track the performance of your assets

  • Provide regular data and analysis of trends

  • Resolve possible issues before they affect operations

There’s nothing exhilarating about monitoring--it’s not shiny, or even new. But, like flossing, it’s the daily maintenance now that helps you avoid expensive and painful problems in the future. Let TSP:

TSP's remote monitoring means you have the right eyes on what needs watching. And that, should it be necessary, the best people are in place to take corrective action and prevent disruption.


Cloud Migration

Is your IT closet the last bastion of “stuff” in a clutter-free world? Maybe it’s time to send it up to the cloud. TSP works with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to:

  • Coordinate solutions with your preferred vendor

  • Migrate your data seamlessly

  • Train users in using apps more effectively

  • Establish performance metrics and monitor results

When done well, moving to a cloud-based environment saves money, reduces complexity, and increases reliability--leaving you more time and resources to focus on what you do best.


IT Disaster Recovery

The underlying tenet of disaster recovery is, “Prepare for the worst.” What TSP learns in the listening and planning process gives us a framework based upon what’s unique to your organization. We anticipate points of failure and then:

  • Correct for what we (and you) can control

  • Establish and document error-handling for what we can’t control

  • Implement regular backup testing and monitoring

And if worse does come to worst, we will lock lost or stolen devices, restore lost data, and rebuild failed systems. Disaster recovery the TSP way means that your operations don't miss a beat.


Technology Deployment

In the IT world, nothing is more exciting than deploying new systems and hardware. For end users, though, change is hard. We know. TSP makes it easier by:

  • Planning new deployments together with your team

  • Providing thorough documentation on new processes

  • Automating deployment to new devices​

  • Supporting you and your team from planning to project completion

The TSP process allows your employees to be excited about the technology they use every day.

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