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Our IT Support Process

It's not rocket science.

But we make sure it gets the same level of attention. 

Tired of still
"fixing" your IT?

Inspired by his training as an aerospace engineer at MIT, our founder realized that trying to "fix" technology is like "fixing" your way to the moon: you'll never reach your destination.

Unless you have a systems-based approach to building a spacecraft, your rocket will almost certainly come crashing down to earth. The complexity of the technology in your business is no different, and it can share a similar fate if proper IT systems aren't designed to get to the root of technology issues. 

Today's successful businesses implement IT based on a solid plan, backed up by comprehensive testing, and measured against industry standards for security and reliability. Together, our team developed a simple but effective process modeled after what NASA uses to get a robot to Mars. 

The risks are simply too great to leave anything up to chance.

1. We Listen and Define

This may seem simple, but it is one of the most important things an MSP can do. Our aim is to define all your IT needs, completely, starting with your current day-to-day problems, and ending with your future goals.

  • Identify the unique needs and challenges of your business and clients

  • Communicate regularly by phone, or in person, along the way

  • Monitor your assets using TSP’s proven systems for total quality management

The listening doesn’t end with the initial phase. Understanding what’s important to you lets us keep tabs on everything—so you don’t have to.

2. We Plan and Design

Just like a rocket, your technology journey has to have a destination. Based on our initial findings, we determine what your particular end game looks like and make a solid plan (or three) to get you there. What does it look like? A bit like this:

  • A Technical Alignment Report to evaluate where you are and where you need to be

  • A Project Roadmap to detail how you’ll get there

  • A Technology Success Plan to specify what technology can make your business grow

Our team has a skill set like no other MSP or IT provider. We specialize in designing complex systems that perform under the most strenuous of circumstances, not unlike that rocket.

3. We Implement and Measure

Data is important. How else would you know if your IT is performing as it should? Taking a page from the Lean Enterprise playbook at MIT*, we use key performance metrics to make sure things are on track.

  • Define the metrics that matter to move your IT forward

  • Analyze results weekly, monthly, and quarterly to ensure back-ups are running and systems are updated and encrypted

  • Share our findings to demonstrate that your systems are running as expected and outliers have been addressed

Using this information we focus on increasing security, reducing risk, and ensuring smooth operations. Mission: Accomplished.

*You can borrow our well thumbed copy, or take our word for the wisdom within.

Together these three steps create a significantly different outcome for your company. Within just a few months of bringing TSP onboard, what seemed like endless firefighting will be replaced with smoother day-to-day operations.


The smoke will begin to clear, and you'll have a technology roadmap showing your path to growth.

Start designing your roadmap.