29 January, 2021

Jamf: Our key to scalable technology deployment

If you’re running a Tech Superpowers-managed computer, any software on your device is put there by Jamf. An RMM

If you’re running a Tech Superpowers-managed computer, any software on your device is put there by Jamf. An RMM (remote management and monitoring) solution focused on the deployment, security, and management of all Apple devices, Jamf is an integral part of our support software stack. We’ve been using Jamf for seven years, and it has provided us with the ability to deploy software at scale, apply fixes without the need for on-site visits or phone calls, and onboard new employees for clients remotely.

Why Jamf?

For years, imaging was the go-to IT workflow for software deployment and configuration of new computers. Imaging required MSPs to create one master monolith image with every piece of software and setting on it. New devices would then be set up to replicate the master image by either connecting to an internally-hosted server or connected directly to a hard drive. At TSP, we caught on early to the writing on the wall that imaging was dying and that we needed to find a solution that allowed us to deploy and manage our workstations.

For our clients with Apple products, this solution came in the form of Jamf’s MDM (mobile device management) solution. Utilized by 24 of the top 25 most valuable brands as ranked by Forbes*, Jamf is relied upon in the IT field for its reliability, flexibility, and commitment to the community as a whole (Jamf Nation is the largest Apple IT management forum in the world with over 100,000 members). As Apple often blends the lines between macOS and iOS, switching to an all-inclusive solution for Apple products like Jamf proved essential to improving our IT workflow both from a flexibility and time-saving perspective.

*source – https://www.jamf.com/solutions/

By implementing Jamf across TSP clients, TSP can deploy a consistent standard of security settings while understanding that no two clients are the same. Need Office 365 for all staff? Rolling out a brand new VoIP system? Jamf is our ticket to consistent and reliable deployment without requiring one on one appointments or interrupting valuable time while software is being updated.

Unique user experiences

Beyond the large-scale deployment abilities Jamf provides us, and it’s partnerships with our other support software, Jamf allows us to create a user experience unique to each company. When a new employee joins a client of ours, we can onboard them with a new computer set up for them, with everything included from essential software and settings, to the small experiential thing like company-themed backgrounds and user icons. Jamf also allows us to set up uniquely branded self-service portals where users can update their software or download company-approved applications. While this seems small, by providing our client’s new hires with a machine that is all ready to go and set up, we can ensure that new employees feel comfortable and well-equipped to succeed in their new position.

Protection against device theft vulnerabilities

While Jamf doesn’t prevent users from having their devices physically stolen, it does provide us with a last line of defense against data loss and information theft. In the event that a client’s computer (or even one of our own) is stolen or lost, Jamf allows us to remotely lock or wipe the device, ensuring that company data isn’t picked up by unauthorized individuals. If the device is recovered, the device’s data and configurations are easily deployed again through Jamf.


A “swiss cheese” approach to device security

At TSP, we employ a “swiss cheese” approach to computer security. While we have tested and trust every piece of software we install on our client’s devices, we also understand that each program comes with certain holes or limitations in its capabilities, much like a slice of swiss cheese. Our software such as Jamf, Sophos, and Watchman Monitoring all serve their purposes and are crucial to maintaining your device’s security, but each also leaves specific areas of your security open to vulnerabilities . By strategically layering each piece of software onto your device to work in conjunction with each other, we are able to limit or completely eliminate your vulnerability to malicious software or cyber attacks.

“That illustrates the power of the MSP. We take disparate systems, understand their strengths and weaknesses and elevate each one of them by partnering things together.” – Adam Fisk, Director of IT Services 

A specific instance of this “swiss cheese” approach in action is the at-the-hip partnership Jamf and Watchmen enjoy. Without one, the other isn’t as strong. Whereas Watchman Monitoring is a monitoring and reporting system, Jamf is a management tool that deploys fixes and patches initially found by Watchmen. With a combination of the two working in synchronicity, we can elevate the capabilities of each.

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