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Boston IT Support Case Studies

It’s one thing to say that TSP delivers outstanding IT services, solutions, and support. Yet, it’s entirely something else to show you how we put our words into action. Our IT Support in Boston has produced some amazing projects and these case studies allow us to demonstrate the meaningful results we can achieve.

Thanks to our case studies, you can get a glimpse into how we help organizations accomplish their IT and technology goals. We provide case studies that highlight our work with organizations across a broad range of industries. Plus, our case studies illustrate the IT challenges that clients face, and how we address them.

Case studies are valuable learning tools, as they allow us to share how we work with clients to deliver meaningful results across their IT operations. Read our case studies below to explore how TSP identifies and resolves IT challenges. You can also find out how our Boston IT support, solutions, and services benefit organizations of all sizes.


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TSP IT Services Case Studies

  • Startup to Success

    Startup to Success

    In January of 2020, before we knew the true impact Covid-19 would have on the world, we were approached by healthcare startup Cohere Health. At the time, they were a small operation working out of...

  • Exceeding Expectations

    Exceeding Expectations

    Find out how TSP helps NBTS connect its local and remote workers in their quest to cure brain tumors.

  • Mission Possible

    Mission Possible

    Discover why NSP LLP, a Boston-based law firm and long-time TSP IT services client, chose TSP to coordinate its IT relocation.

  • A Slam-Dunk Design

    A Slam-Dunk Design

    Discover how TSP has helped the Boston Celtics, one of the most successful franchises in the NBA, upgrade its IT.

  • Maximum Minimalism

    Maximum Minimalism

    Learn how TSP empowers ERI, a real estate investment company, with IT services and AV solutions that are both secure and efficient.

  • London Calling

    London Calling

    Learn how TSP provides seamless AV conferencing solutions to Accel, one of the original investors in Facebook.

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