14 September, 2022

A return to our roots

You may have noticed things look a bit different around here. New colors, a new name, a whole new website. That’s because TSP IT Services is now Tech Superpowers! It’s our 30th year in business, and we’re changing things up a bit. We’re thrilled to have you along for the journey and can’t wait to show you where we’re headed next.

We knew as we were approaching our 30th anniversary that it was time to take stock. Our team is young, driven, and enthusiastic, but our visuals and voice no longer matched who we were as a company. Long story short, we went back to our origin story and picked up from there! - Kjerstin Oh, Director of Marketing

Why Tech Superpowers?

Some of you may not know that the TSP in TSP IT Services is short for Tech Superpowers. Before we were TSP IT Services, we went by Tech Superpowers, all since our humble beginnings in an MIT dorm room. Back in 1992, our founder Michael Oh came up with the name inspired by a newspaper article about the Apple Quadra 700 and 900 (with a blazing fast 25MHz processor!). If you want to learn about our origin story we suggest you head over read about the history of Tech Superpowers.

So when we were brainstorming how we could reinvent ourselves for our 4th decade, we decided it was time for a return to our roots. Time to re-focus on what makes us who we are. Want to see our journey through the years? Check out our company timeline to see where we’ve been, some of it even surprised us!


New partners: What does this mean for you?

In a sea of endless IT companies, why choose us? Frankly put, our old brand didn’t highlight what makes Tech Superpowers unique. It didn’t showcase why we can boast a perfect Google rating and 100% client retention. Our new brand is focused, showing you exactly why we’re chosen time and time again not just to be your help desk, but your technology partner helping you grow every step of the way. 

We do offer managed IT. But that’s just the beginning. We’re here to offer IT planning, cybersecurity solutions, on and offboardings, AV integration, compliance, special projects and so much more. Basically, if technology is involved, we want to help you. 

“Our current partners have come to expect a high level of quality over the 30 years. With the return to Tech Superpowers, we’re empowered to further highlight some of the crucial areas that all organizations require as they continue growing,” Adam Fisk, Director of IT Services.

Current partners: What does this mean for you? 

If you’re an existing IT partner, you can expect the same personalized service you’ve always gotten from us. That means the same friendly and local help desk you’ve always worked with. The same cybersecurity solutions have kept you safe and prepared all these years. And the same AV integration experts that have kept you connected with your own clients and team over the past few years. Just because your services aren’t changing doesn’t mean the new website isn’t worth you looking at! We’ve got helpful blogs, customer success stories, and who knows? You might even learn something about Tech Superpowers you didn’t know before!

So here we are, 30 years later – making the decision to look back in order to move forward as a truer form of ourselves – Tech Superpowers!

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