Join Adam, Mike, and Kelly (and the occasional special guest) for TSP’s tech podcast as we chat about what’s going on in the world of technology and technology-adjacent ephemera.

We tackle important questions, like “Is the internet fake, actually?” and “When will we ever escape from Facebook?” Ever wonder what’s up with AI these days? What’s Elon Musk getting into now? Is the latest Apple release any good? We’ve got you covered. Also, for more in-depth reads on cyber security, IT Infrastructure, AV Integration or technology deployment, check out our tech blog or our Industry Insights from our resources page. Our bi-weekly tech podcast brings you up to date on all things tech.

Latest Grepcasts

  • #62 – Doomscroll Days, Doomscroll Nights

    #62 – Doomscroll Days, Doomscroll Nights


    Adam, Kelly, and Mike are back with a collection of quick-hit articles, bringing you that classic Grepcast energy while not being all too mired in the constant pandemic-related technology coverage. While we kick it off...

  • #59 – Security is not a Band-Aid

    #59 – Security is not a Band-Aid


    The Grepcast is joined by a special guest today, Sarah Pruski, Director of Security Operations at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education for a conversation about all things cyber security.

  • #58 – COBOL Cowboys

    #58 – COBOL Cowboys


    As we continue to record from our homes in the time of COVID, we start by chatting about VR once again, even though Adam continues to be unconvinced. From there, the gang talks through Contact...

  • #57 – Kelly Goes Off

    #57 – Kelly Goes Off


    In this episode of the Grepcast, we focus on all the things that feel worse than the new normal of self-quarantines. Come for the Bird smack-talk, stay for Kelly going off on the Internet Archive.

  • #56 – Privacy, but make it Fashion

    #56 – Privacy, but make it Fashion


    In this episode of the Grepcast, we check-in on how COVID is changing the landscape of the internet - especially as it pertains to Zoom and Netflix. From there, Adam gets mad at an article...

  • #55 – Work in the time of Covid

    #55 – Work in the time of Covid


    As the world continues the change as part of the current Covid-19 pandemic, we here at the Grepcast are here to talk about how it may just change work forever.