8 December, 2022

Tech terms – A cheat sheet

We get it. Sometimes when you call your outsourced IT support, it seems like the technician is speaking a foreign language. As much as we strive to make the complex simple, some IT jargon is unavoidable. That’s why we created this handy cheat sheet. You can refer to it whenever you’re unsure about a tech term you come across. 

From cache or SharePoint to managed service providers, there’s a lot that of industry-specific words you might see thrown around often. Even a quick Google search can leave you more confused than when you started looking up the tech term. This guide aims to give you a baseline understanding of some of the words you see thrown around often in the world of IT.

Did we miss something? Let us know! As the industry evolves, so will the jargon we use. So we like to this of this tech terms guide as more as an evolving document. But if you find something not on the list, we’re always here to help explain it to you (and possibly learn something for ourselves!)

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